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    From the registration page at

    Registration is Now Open* (see below)

    *Public registration won't be open until December 31st, 2016, but Brigade commanders (listed on CS/US tabs) have picked their battalion commanders . Battalion commanders have been contacted by people who are interested in raising companies. It is entirely at the brigade/battalion commanders' discretion who raises companies. THOSE COMPANIES ARE RECRUITING NOW. We suggest getting onto the 40 Rounds Events Facebook page (go ahead and join if you haven't already) and see which opportunities are open. You can also find Facebook pages of certain companies that have created them on the CS/US pages. Join the Facebook group that interests you the most and contact the company commander.

    12/1/2016: The commanders will be sent emails with the registration links. They will forward that email to the men who have expressed interest. They can go ahead and register. EMAIL SENT!

    12/31/2016: The registration links will be posted to the website, and the remaining spaces in each company will be filled on a first come, first served basis. Once each company hits their TBD capacity, registration will be closed for that company.

    If you don't have a company or a mess to fall in with, there will be a "put me where you need me" option for each side which will enable us to have better sized companies.

    Please note four things about registration for Wauhatchie that are a little different:
    1) Registration cost is $40. We acknowledge this is a higher than normal cost for a progressive event, but there are many factors that go into organizing a larger event with increased complexities such as rations, vignettes, insurance, water placement, fence removal and replacement, as well as other things. I guarantee it will be well worth it.
    2) Due to the increased size of this event, as well as the increased costs which will need to be pre-paid, we are going set the deadline for refunds as 3/1/2017. We know life gets in the way, but please plan accordingly. Substitutions will be allowed until 5/1/2017. Cancelled registration fees will be donated to the Bentonville Battlefield.
    3) Registration fees will be payable by PayPal, or credit/debit cards only. The link pops up when you complete your registration form.
    4) All proceeds over event costs will be divided between the Bentonville Battlefield Park and the Longstreet HQ museum near Knoxville.
    Kind Regards,
    Andrew Jerram

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    Re: Registration

    One week until pre-registration closes and we separate the buyers from the spyers.

    You pay more for less on Sutler Row; are you REALLY quibbling over the price of the event? Have we EVER screwed you out of your hard-earned money?

    We deliver. Period.

    Have faith. We have done this like, oh, three or four times.

    Registration also makes a great Christmas present.
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    Re: Registration

    Registration has been updated. You can see both the alphabetical list as well as the list by company at

    Coincidentally, you can also use that link to register for one of the best events of 2017. Just sayin'

    If you want to connect with the 40 Rounds Events Facebook page, that's available at
    Kind Regards,
    Andrew Jerram

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