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    Re: Masons in the Line

    Brothers,....and others,

    This is what I believe Brother Hicks was trying to say: Free Masons have come to the distress of other Masons and other people in need for hundreds of years. He has listed the contributions of what Masons do today. Is it any different than what we have done over the past thousand years? I really dont think so.......Just recently when my family was involved in a car accident...a Brother Mason...stayed with my family until I arrived. When...on our farm..... our tractor broke-down and we needed a tractor then or lose thousands of dollars in concrete..... a Brother Mason came to help us. 140 Years ago when a Private in the 6th Mississippi Infantry wrote his wife and told her that Mr. Beasley ( my GGGrandfater, who at the time was in his late 50's and had a son off in the war).......would help her in items she needed around the Farm....and he did. Her husband and my GGGrandfather were of the same Lodge......If you want to be part of a group of men who help others....... then ask one to be one. That is what we are about.....and one more thing.....George Washington, Robert E. Lee, and Jeff Davis were all Free Masons.........
    Dale Beasley
    16th Louisiana Vol. Infantry
    J. M. Wesson Lodge 317

    Operation Iraqi Freedom II 2004

    "Grant stood by me when I was crazy, and I stood by him when he was drunk, and now we stand by each other" --General William T Sherman

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    Re: Masons in the Line

    I myself was involved in DeMolay, and I am in the process of joining my local lodge. I know, from my limited knowledge from DeMolay, there is much the Masons do for the community, for which they seek no recognition. The list of charities grows each year. Even in DeMolay, we sponsered a chapter charity, as well as a state, and national charity, each year.

    Past Senior Counseler, Junior Deacon, Senior Deacon, & Sentry
    Clifton Chapter, Order of DeMolay

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    Re: Masons in the Line

    Quote Originally Posted by Tenthtexas
    Brother Hicks,
    one of the questions asked was what significance did the Masons provide to the 19th Century. Everything given so far is all of their recent and current activities. This being a historical forum, would yoiu please offer some history to the forum on Mason of the 19th Century, particularly during the War of Northern Arrogance.
    On the forum we want to maintain its historical integrity and the focus of this forum.

    Thank you.

    Art Milbert
    Co. G, 10th Texas


    In the previous incarnation of this Forum, there was a thread on Masonic Impressions. In that particular thread I had posted a rather exhaustive and legthy treatise on Masons during the conflict. As we know, those posts are no longer available.

    In this thread, I posted immeditatey available information in response to Mr. Furies inquiry. Yes, it only covers modern charitable activities vice 19th Century, which is only half of what he asked about.

    While my answer covers only modern information, it is none the less, indicative of the many charitable works Freemasonry has conducted since the first Lodge became known to the public in 1717. Masonic relief is not a new concept. Unfortunately I do not access to the lodge records of the 19th century in which the records would indicate what type of charitable activities the lodges were involved in 140+ years ago.

    If my posting of modern, vice 19th century information has troubled some you, my appologies.
    Brian Hicks
    Widows' Sons Mess

    Known lately to associate with the WIG and the Armory Guards

    "He's a good enough fellow... but I fear he may be another Alcibiades."

    “Every man ever got a statue made of him was one kinda sumbitch or another. It ain’t about you. It’s about what THEY need.”CAPTAIN MALCOLM REYNOLDS

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    Re: Masons in the Line

    Quote Originally Posted by Dale Beasley
    George Washington, Robert E. Lee, and Jeff Davis were all Free Masons.........
    Not meaning to dispute Bro. Beasely, but while George Washington was indeed a Mason, there is no solid evidence that either Robert E. Lee or Jeff Davis ever entered into the Masonic Fraternity.

    Please find below, a list of those Generals (both Conf. and Union for whom there is clear evidence that they were indeed Freemasons. In the next day or two, I'll provide a list of the Union and Confederate Cabinate and Congessional Members who were Freemasons.

    Civil War Generals who were Freemasons
    I am only listing those individuals for whom the actual Lodge is known.

    Union Generals that were Freemasons:

    Bailey, Joseph: Columbia Lodge #124, Wisconsin
    Banks, Nathaniel Prentiss "Commissary Banks": Monitor Lodge, Massachusetts
    Beal, George Lafayette: Oxford Lodge #18, Maine
    Benton, William Plummer: Webb Lodge #24, Indiana
    Berry, Hiram Gregory: Aurora Lodge #50, Maine
    Birney, David Bell: Franklin Lodge #134 Pennsylvania
    Brayman, Mason: Springfield Lodge #4, Illinois
    Brooke, John Rutter: Columbia Chapter #21, Pennsylvania
    Brown, Egbert Benson: Toledo Lodge #144, Ohio
    Butler, Benjamin Franklin "Beast", "Spoons": Pentucket Lodge, Massachusetts
    Butterfield, Daniel: Metropolitan Lodge #273, New York
    Carleton, James Henry: American Union Lodge #1, Ohio (Grand Master)
    Chamberlain, Joshua Lawrence: United Lodge #8 in Brunswick, Maine
    Chetlain, Augustus Louis: Washington Lodge #43, Illinois
    Chrysler, Morgan Henry: St. John's Lodge 22, New York
    Crocker, Marcellus Monroe: Pioneer Lodge #22, Iowa
    Cruft, Charles: Terra Haute Lodge #19, Indiana
    Fairchild, Lucius: Grand Master, Kansas
    Forsyth, James William (James M. ?): Union Lodge #121, Pennsylvania
    Garfield, James Abram: Magnolia Lodge #20, Ohio
    Geary, John White: Philanthropy Lodge #255 Pennsylvania
    Gordon, George Henry: Bunker Hill Lodge #5, Massachusetts
    Gorman, Willis Arnold (William A. ?): Federal Lodge #1, District of Columbia
    Hamblin, Joseph Eldridge: Kane Lodge #454, New York
    Hancock, Winfield Scott: Member of Charity Lodge #190, Norristown, Pennsylvania, Royal Arch Mason, #90, and Hutchison Commandery, Knights Templar #22
    Hartranft, John Frederick: Charity Lodge #190, Pennsylvania
    Hurlbut, Stephen Augustus: Belvidere Lodge #60, Illinois
    Ingalls, Rufus: Williamette Lodge #2 Oregon
    Jackson, Conrad Feger: #45, Pennsylvania
    Jackson, James Streshly: Hopkinsville Lodge #37, Kentucky
    Johnson, Andrew: Greeneville Lodge #199, Tennessee
    Judah, Henry Moses: North Star Lodge #91, California
    Kenly, John Reese: Maryland Commandery #1, Maryland
    Kimball, Nathan: Mt. Pleasant Lodge #168, Indiana
    Knipe, Joseph Farmer: Perserverance Lodge #21, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
    Leggett, Mortimer Dormer: Amity Lodge #5, Ohio
    Logan, John Alexander: Benton Lodge #64, Illinois
    McClellan, George Brinton: Willamette Lodge #2, Oregon
    McClernand, John Alexander: Central Lodge #71, Illinois
    McCook, Alexander Mcdowell: Lancaster Lodge #106, Illinois
    Meredith, Sullivan Amory (Solomon?): Cambridge Lodge #105, Indianapolis, Indiana
    Miles, Nelson Appleton: Southern California Lodge #278, California
    Miller, Stephen: North Star Lodge #23, Minnesota
    Negley, James Scott: #45, Pennsylvania
    Owen, Joshua Thomas "Paddy": William B. Schnider Lodge #419, Pennsylvania (Past Master)
    Paine, Eleazar Arthur: Monmouth Lodge #37, Illinois
    Palmer, John McCauley: Mt. Nebo Lodge #76, Illinois
    Phelps, John Smith: United Lodge #5, Missouri
    Pleasonton, Alfred: Franklin Lodge #134, Pennsylvania
    Ransom, Thomas Edward Greenfield: St. John's Lodge #13, Illinois
    Rawlins, John Aaron: Miners Lodge #273, Illinois
    Revere, Joseph Warren: St. John's Lodge, Massachusetts
    Robinson, John Cleveland: Binghampton Lodge #177, Binghampton, New York - 1st Worshipful Master of Rocky Mountain Lodge #205, Camp Floyd Utak - Knight Templar at Monroe Commandery #12 Rochester New York on Feb. 4, 1851
    Ross, Leonard Fulton: Lewistown Lodge #104, Illinois
    Rowley, Thomas Algeo: Lodge #45
    Saxton, Rufus: St. John's Lodge #11, District of Columbia
    Schurz, Carl: Member of Herman Lodge #125 in Philadelphia
    Scott, Winfield "Old Fuss and Feathers": Dinwiddie Union Lodge #23, Virginia
    Shields, James: Faribault Lodge #9, Minnesota
    Smith, Charles Ferguson (Charles E. ?): Rising Sun Lodge #126, Pennsylvania
    Smith, Green Clay: Richmond Lodge #25, Kentucky
    Smith, Gustavus Adolphus (Gustavus W. ?): Keystone Lodge #235, New York
    Smith, John Eugene: Miners Lodge #273, Illinois
    Smyth, Thomas Alfred: Washington Lodge #1, Delaware
    Stannard, George Jerrison: Franklin Lodge #4, Vermont
    Steedman, James Blair: Northern Light Lodge #40, Ohio
    Stoneman, George: Benicia Lodge #5, California
    Thayer, John Milton: Capitol Lodge #101, Iowa
    Thomas, Lorenzo: Potomac Lodge #5, District of Columbia
    Torbert, Alfred Thomas Archimedes: Temple Chapter #2, Delaware
    Underwood, Adin Ballou: Montgomery Lodge, Massachusetts
    Vandever, William: Dubuque Lodge #3, Iowa
    Veatch, James Clifford: Rockport Lodge #112, Indiana
    Viele, Egbert Ludovicus: Kane Lodge #454, New York
    Wallace, Lewis "Lew": Fountain Lodge #60, Indiana
    Wallace, William Henry (Harvey?) Lamb: Occidental Lodge #50, Illinois (Past Master)
    Ward, John Henry Hobart: Became a Mason in Metropolitan Lodge #273, New York City, 1855. Royal Arch Mason, Commandery, Shriner, Active 33rd degree in the AASR, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction
    Weber, Max (Aka von Weber): Trinity Lodge #12, New York
    White, Julius: Oriental Lodge #33, Illinois
    Wistar, Isaac Jones: Franklin Lodge #134, Pennsylvania
    Woods, William Burnham: Newark Lodge #69, Ohio

    Confederate Generals who were Freemasons

    Anderson, Robert Houstoun: Palestine Knight Templar #7, Georgia
    Armistead, Lewis Addison: Member of Alexandria-Washington Lodge #22 in Virginia - Charter member of Union Lodge 37 in Fort Riley, Kansas
    Ashby, Turner: Equality #136, Virginia (now #44, West Virginia)
    Barksdale, William: Columbus Lodge #5, Columbus, Mississippi
    Bate, William Brimage: King Solomon #94, Tennessee
    Breckenridge, John Cabell: Des Moines #41, Iowa
    Brown, John Calvin: Pulaski #101, Tennessee
    Campbell, Alexander William: Jackson Commandery Knights Templar, Tennessee
    Cantey, James: Kershaw #29, South Carolina
    Cleburne, Patrick Ronayne: Lafayette #16, Helena, Arkansas - joined in 1852 - from Stonewall of the West: Patrick Cleburne & The Civil War, by Craig L. Symonds (pages 32-33: "He was particularly committed, never missed a meeting, and quickly became a leader in the local lodge. He was elected master in early 1853, and later that year he 'took the sublime degree of Royal Arch Mason' conferred upon him at a special ceremony by Arkansas luminary Albert Pike." He was also elected in 1853 to deliver the keynote speech at an annual convention of Arkansas and Mississippi freemasons, where, "In a forceful and direct style, he offered a talk dominated by high-minded platitudes about the principles of the Masonic order, 'Brotherly love, friendship, charity, and truth'..."
    Cobb, Howell: Mt. Vernon #22, Georgia
    Conner, James: Landmark #76, South Carolina
    Cox, William Ruffin: William G. Hill #218, North Carolina
    Floyd, John Buchanan: St. John's #36, Virginia
    Forrest, Nathan Bedford: Angerona #168, Tennessee
    Green, Thomas: Austin #12, Texas
    Gregg, John: Fairfield #103, Texas
    Hanson, Roger Weightman "Old Flintlock": Good Samaritan #174, Kentucky
    Hays, Harry Thompson: Louisiana Lodge #102 Louisiana
    Heth, Henry: Senior Warden of Rocky Mountain Lodge #205 in Utah Territory
    Imboden, John Daniel: Staunton Lodge #13 Virginia
    Iverson, Alfred Jr: Columbian Lodge #108, Columbus, Georgia
    Jordan, Thomas (Thomas J. ?): Perseverance #21, Pennsylvania
    Kemper, James Lawson: Linn Banks Lodge #126, Virginia (Past Master)
    Kennedy, John Doby: Kershaw Lodge #29, South Carolina (Grand Master)
    Kershaw, Joseph Brevard: Kershaw Lodge #29 South Carolina - Grand Master of of the Grand Lodge of South Carolina 1873-1874 (?)
    Lovell, Mansfield: Holland Lodge #8, New York
    Lowry, Robert: Brandon Lodge #29, Mississippi
    Magruder, John Bankhead "Prince John": San Diego Lodge #35, California (EA)
    Marmaduke, John Sappington: Rocky Mountain Lodge #205, Utah Territory
    Martin, William Thompson: Harmony Lodge #1, Mississippi
    Martin, William Thompson: Harmony Lodge #1, Mississippi
    Maxey, Samuel Bell: Paris Lodge #27, Texas
    Morgan, John Hunt: Daviess Lodge #22, Kentucky
    Palmer, Joseph Benjamin: Mt. Moriah Lodge #18, Tennessee (Past Master)
    Perry, Edward Aylesworth: Escambia Lodge #15, Florida
    Pickett, George Edward: Dove Lodge #51 Virginia
    Pike, Albert: Western Star Lodge #2, Arkansas
    Price, Sterling "Old Pap": Warren Lodge #74, Missouri
    Quarles, William Andrew: Clarksvill Lodge #89, Tennessee
    Ruggles, Daniel: Fredericksburg Lodge #4, Virginia
    Smith, Gustavus Woodson: Keystone Lodge #235, New York
    Stevenson, Carter Littlepage: Rocky Mountain Lodge #205, Utah Territory
    Taliaferro, William Booth: Botetourt Lodge #7, Virginia (Grand Master)
    Thomas, Bryan Morel: Rocky Mountain Lodge #205, Utah Territory
    Toombs, Robert Augustus: Lafayette Lodge #23, Georgia
    Wallace, William Henry (William H.L. ?): Occidental Lodge #50, Illinois (Past Master)
    Walthall, Edward Cary: Coffeeville Lodge #83, Mississippi
    Wheeler, Joseph “Fightin’ Joe”: Courtland Lodge 37, Alabama
    Williams, John Stuart "Cerro Gordo": Winchester Lodge #20, Kentucky
    Wise, Henry Alexander: Northhampton Lodge #11, Virginia
    Zollicoffer, Felix Kirk: Scott, Winfield "Old Fuss and Feathers"

    Click on these links for other info on Masons during the Civil War:



    Brian Hicks
    Widows' Sons Mess

    Known lately to associate with the WIG and the Armory Guards

    "He's a good enough fellow... but I fear he may be another Alcibiades."

    “Every man ever got a statue made of him was one kinda sumbitch or another. It ain’t about you. It’s about what THEY need.”CAPTAIN MALCOLM REYNOLDS

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    Re: Masons in the Line

    I feel the need to add one more Confederate General who was a Mason from my Lodge!

    Brig. Gen. Benjamin Hardin Helm
    Morrison Lodge #76
    Elizabethtown, Kentucky

    Ben Hardin Helm was President Abraham Lincoln's brother-in-law and one of the Orphan Brigade's generals. He was mortally wounded at Chickamauga on Sept. 20, 1863.
    Matthew Rector

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    Re: Masons in the Line

    Can anyone tell me were a Mason wore his pin at on this uniform???

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    Re: Masons in the Line

    Quote Originally Posted by arlawson
    Can anyone tell me were a Mason wore his pin at on this uniform???
    Mr. Lawson,

    As Mr. Craddock has provided in his post above, Masonic pins/emblems were worn in a variety locations.

    From what we have seen of period accoutns, these pins are unlikely to be the cloth embroidered items so commonly seen at Mainstream events today, but appear to have been much smaller, discreet pins, wathfobs, etc.

    Locations? On vests, on shirts, on shirt sleeves near the cuff, on the jacket interior lining, on the jacket exterior. On watch chains. Rings. All of these locations have been described.

    By the way, the wearing of any Masonic emblem is purely a personal choice by the individual Mason as there are no requirements to wear any symbols of any kind.
    Brian Hicks
    Widows' Sons Mess

    Known lately to associate with the WIG and the Armory Guards

    "He's a good enough fellow... but I fear he may be another Alcibiades."

    “Every man ever got a statue made of him was one kinda sumbitch or another. It ain’t about you. It’s about what THEY need.”CAPTAIN MALCOLM REYNOLDS

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    Re: Masons in the Line

    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Hicks
    Re: the Alta Vendita:

    All I know of it, is what I just found via a quick on-lin search. Prior to this, I'd never heard of it before. At first glance, it appears to be yet another of the several documents that appeared in that era, which obviously discredit Freemasonry.

    Another quick search through the Anit-Masonic web sites and I found a few other referances to it.

    I give little credence to such items, as I consider myself to be a rather diligent Christian, and in my Masonic experiances I have never encountered anything that has given me reason to pause, nor have I ever encountered anything Masonic that is in opposition to my Christian upbringing, and my personal Christian beliefs.

    Contrary to what some say, Freemasonry is not a Religion. It does not teach any religious doctrine, and certainly doesn't have anything within it that is in opposition to Christianity.

    Now... there are many nay-sayers and anit-masonic people out there. Their websites are easy to find, and they can be very persuasive. But as one who is involved in Masonry, I can only tell you from my personal experiances, I have never seen, heard, learned or encountered any of the anti-Christian stuff attirbuted to Masonry by many of its critics.
    Brother Hicks,

    Well put and said, I feel that anti-masonic people also do not take the time to look at what good we do for our fellow man. I come from a long line of Masons, I am 4th genration on both sides of my family. So when I hear someone talk about the suspected bad we do, I ask how many Masons they know. So I myself just overlook them and go on, because I know I am a Mason.

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    Re: Masons in the Line


    Yes ;when posted I didnt really know that we were so strong in the hobby . I like to thank everyone of you who have posted all this infomation I'm looking forward to meeting you on our travels

    Master Mason
    Robinson Lodge #266
    150 yrs old and growing strong
    1st Corporal Gregory J. Dodge
    (aka) Alexlander Thompson
    7th Ky Vol Inf U.S./ Western Brigade Secretary-Treasurer
    President Kentucky Soldiers Aide Society

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    Re: Masons in the Line

    The below listed personnel served in the designated Cabinets, and were Freemasons:


    From 1861-1865 16 men were in Lincoln's cabinet - 5, or 31%, were Freemasons.

    Vice Pres. (1865) Andrew Johnson: Greeneville Lodge #119, Tennessee
    Sec. of War (1861-1862): Simon Cameron: Perseverance Lodge #21 Pennsylvania (Past Master)
    (1862-1865): Edwin McMasters Stanton: Steubenville Lodge #45, Ohio
    Secretary of the Navy (1861-1865): Gideon Welles: St. John's Lodge #4, Connecticut
    Secretary of the Interior (1861-1863): Warren Lodge #15, Indiana


    1861-1865 18 men were in the Confederate cabinet (Judah P. Benjamin served in 3 positions and Wade Keyes served twice in one position) - 4, or 22% were Freemasons

    Secretary of State (Feb 21, 1861-Jul 25 1861): Robert A. Toombs: Lafayette Lodge #23, Georgia
    Secretary of War (Nov. 17 - Nov. 21 1862): Gustavus W. Smith: Keystone Lodge #235, New York
    (Feb. 6 - May 4, 1865): John C. Breckinridge: Des Moines Lodge #41, Iowa
    Postmaster General (Mar. 6, 1861 - May 4, 1865): John H. Reagan: Palestine Lodge #31, Texas



    Bell, John: King Solomon Lodge #6, Tennessee
    Buchanan, James: Lodge #43, Pennsylvania
    Cass, Lewis: Montezuma Lodge #109, New Mexico
    Cody, William F.: Platte Valley Lodge #32, Nebraska
    Douglas, Stephen A.: Springfield Lodge #4, Illinois
    Giddings, Joshua R.: Jerusalem Lodge #19, Ohio
    Wood, Fernando: Eastern Star Lodge #227, New York
    Yates, Richard, Sr.: Harmony Lodge #3, Illinois


    Clemens, Samuel L.: Polar Star Lodge #79, Missouri
    Houston, Sam: Cumberland Lodge #8, Tennessee
    Harris, Isham G. : Paris Lodge #108, Tennessee
    Vance, Zebulon: Mt. Hermon Lodge #118, North Carolina
    Last edited by BrianHicks; 03-05-2004 at 10:47 PM. Reason: Corrected to show Conf, Cabinet Members Toombs and Smith
    Brian Hicks
    Widows' Sons Mess

    Known lately to associate with the WIG and the Armory Guards

    "He's a good enough fellow... but I fear he may be another Alcibiades."

    “Every man ever got a statue made of him was one kinda sumbitch or another. It ain’t about you. It’s about what THEY need.”CAPTAIN MALCOLM REYNOLDS

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