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    Cavalrymen, Ground pounders, Collectors, other reenactors and horse folks in general!.....NEW STUFF JUST ADDED!

    ON SALE!....Great things on sale now!! PRICES REDUCED!!!
    Better yet!!...Lots of new stuff just added! Including....original and reproduction.... British and Confederate bits; spurs; original saddles; various horse equipments; accoutrements; cavalry accessories; original hardware; civilian bridle rosettes; curry combs; stirrups; clothing; original European military buttons; and so much more!

    ANNOUNCING: NEW!! ...Paul Mueller Confederate reproductions of....
    1. The Confederate Selma Arsenal bit. Blacksmith-made copy from an original in my collection. The only documented, “arsenal-specific” Confederate issue cavalry bit.
    2. The Confederate blacksmith made copy of the Federal Dragoon bit.
    3. The Confederate blacksmith made Artillery bit!
    And..... Our ususal (Paul Mueller) blacksmith-made Confederate Trooper’s bits, Civilian “Plain” bits, Federal and Confederate picket pins, hoof pics....
    * Our Paul Mueller bits are ALL American- made, hand forged, hand finished, blacksmith made just as were the originals! Each can be “custom-made” for low, med and high ports, short or long cheek pieces. Inquire!

    BOOK SALE!!! Don’t miss the Christmas sale on my 2nd book.....MADE IN THE C.S.A., SADDLE MAKERS OF THE CONFEDERACY (the companion book to my first book CONFEDERATE SADDLES & HORSE EQUIPMENT). From now to the end of the year its only $20 plus $5 shipping (that’s a savings of $10 or 30% off the original price!!).
    *This is a very limited edition book and there are only about 80 left. When they are gone it WILL NOT go into another printing.... so get yours now.

    ALSO NEW!!! Some never before available....detailed Ordnance and Requisition Reports from several Confederate cavalry commands (courtesy of Will McDonald).....including:
    *Most include a brief biography or summary of the unit’s history and operations.

    DON’T MISS..... FREE!!! Artifact Photo Galleries!! OVER 1,000 PHOTOS!!
    Confederate & other 19th Century (civilian & military) Saddlery & Horse Equipment
    “More”... 19th Century Horse Equipment of all kinds!
    RARE Photos of “Mounted” Confederates! Only seventeen are known.
    Imported British (and some French) Equipment
    Photos of the famous (and not so famous) Confederate cavalrymen
    Dragoon (Rev War to 1860) Saddles & Horse Equipment
    Federal Saddles & Horse Equipment (Civil War)
    Dozens of Civil War “Mounted” Federal Photos!!
    Forrest’s Cavalry!! Gen. Forrest, his staff officers, Escort Co. and men.
    Confederate Uniforms and accoutrements
    Confederate Weapons
    Men’s War Time Civilian Clothing!! AND MORE!!!!!...........

    MORE HISTORICAL RESEARCH....FREE!! Featuring several military culture articles on Confederate cavalry topics, saddlery, accoutrements, British horse equipment, 19th century and military leather, etc. All written or co-authored by Ken R Knopp (some never published!) Each with photos and fully footnoted.......

    Check us out at....

    CONTACT: Ken R Knopp at

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    Hey! Almost Forgot!!....Available for purchase.....(check out the various CS cavalry commands...)


    Some never before available....detailed Ordnance and Requisition Reports. Requisitions or Articles "on hand" in the regiment showing types and numbers of arms; numbers of accoutrements and horse equipment. Sometimes these reports include the arms and equipment "picked up", "expended" and/or "returned" to the Ordnance Officer after a recent battle.

    *Compiled by Courtesy of Will McDonald

    **Include a brief historical summary of the regmiments service and officers.

    Note: Information from Various wartime dates ........From several Confederate cavalry commands including:................

    2nd Virginia Cavalry, *
    7th Virginia Cavalry, *,**
    15th Virginia Cavalry, *
    1st Lousiana Cavalry:*,**
    1st Mississippi Cavalry:*,**
    2nd Misasissippi Cavalry: *,**
    4th Mississippi Cavalry:*,**
    18th Mississippi Cavalry
    19th Mississippi Cavalry
    2nd Tennessee Cavalry:,*,**
    11th/1st Tennessee:*,**
    12th Tennessee Cavalry:
    3rd Tennessee Cavalry (Forrest's Old Reg.):,*,**
    4th Georgia Cavalry:*,**
    5th Georgia Cavalry:*
    Wade's 8th Cavalry:,*
    12th Georgia Cavalry:*
    2nd Florida Cavalry *
    Gordon's/Barringer's NC Cav Brigade, *
    1st North Carolina Cavalry: *,
    6th South Carolina Cavalry: *,**
    Stono's SC Scouts (Militia), *
    Ross's Texas Cavalry Brigade: Jan. 1864,**
    Terry's Texas Rangers: April 1863
    Chalmers Cavalry 1863/1864
    Wharton's Brigade 1863
    Greer's Cavalry (3rd Texas): Jan 1864
    Ferguson's Cavalry 1863
    Richarson's Cavalry 1863
    Red Jackson's Cavalry 1863
    Forrest's Cavalry Brigade, Sept 62-June 63, *
    Forrest's Cavalry 1863
    Forrest's Cavalry May 1864
    Wheeler's Cavalry Corps, Nov 1863, *
    Wheeler’s Cavalry: July 31, 1864; Jan-Feb 1865; and March 1865
    Trans-Miss. (Ark.) Cavalry Brig. C. 1862, *

    *INFANTRY TOO!!!! ARMY OF THE WEST "INFANTRY" available too: Including....Forney’s, Cockrell’s, Loring’s, French’s, etc. Dec. 1863

    Ken R Knopp