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What is going on in this pic?!

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    Re: What is going on in this pic?!

    So could this be just some random group shot inside some East coast fort?
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      Re: What is going on in this pic?!

      Perhaps the DC area? Norfolk, VA after occupation? Either one might account for the mix of uniforms and looks.
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        Re: What is going on in this pic?!

        The 3rd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery was photographed at Fort Monroe, VA on parade in that full-dress-and-knapsack state. Could this be the location?
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          Re: What is going on in this pic?!

          Yes sir, I have searched older threads to no avail but if my memory serves me, this image has been
          up for discussion.
          Never the less the LOC has this image titled "Group Portrait of Unidentified New York State Artillery Unit".

          As a side note to this image, a look at New York State Artillery Units has the 1st Regiment Marine Artillery_Howard's Artillery;Naval Brigade, for service on gunboats.
          I would ask.., as a New York State unit would they be under Army Command and have nothing to do with the
          U.S.Marine Corps?
          Here is the link and footnotes, and another link,
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            Re: What is going on in this pic?!

            While it would be common to have sailors carry no arms in a parade situation, it would be decidely uncommon to have them wearing any other hat besides the flat hat (as a number of these men are). Also, sailors ashore with a boat howitzer, especially in the east, would be armed with cutlass or bowie bayonet and pistol - Dahlgren was quite insistent on that. Also, sailors would not be wearing sky blue trousers for any reason. Regulations were quite specific on hats and pants and the like. You may notice that while some men with any type of hat have dark pants, all that have a flat hat have dark pants. Also, monkey jackets would usually have more buttons than those shown, though the deisgn was variable.

            Steve Hesson might know, being one of the foremost experts on naval uniforms.
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              Re: What is going on in this pic?!

              Like bob said, monkey jackets typically have more buttons, mine has twenty, heres a link to steve hessons version of the monkey jacket...mine doesnt button nearly that far up, but as stated in the previous post there were variations

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                Re: What is going on in this pic?!

                This WAS discussed before and here is the previous link:
                According to the citation this was the crew of the US Gunboat "General Foster" photographed ashore at Point of Rocks, VA, on the Appomattox. That explains the combined arms.These fellows would have been supporting Butler's Army of the James while he was bottled up at Bermuda Hundred. Butler's famous signal tower was at this Point of Rocks.
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                  I think these men could be a company from the 1st New York marine artillery or of Segebarth’s battalion of marine artillery. Nether of which were actually marines but army soldiers trained for duty on ships such as gunboats and what not. As for the Mississippi marine brigade, if I remember correctly the only difference between the regulation uniform and their’s is the cap which I only have a vague discription of. If anyone has information on the uniform please feel free to share.
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