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175th Ohio Reference Material

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  • 175th Ohio Reference Material

    Looking for help on primary resource material on the 175th Ohio - specifically weapon issue/ordinance reports and uniform/quartermaster reports if anyone would have any leads.

    I've searched the forums here, but hope to see what else is out there I have missed.

    Thanks in advance for the help!

    Very Respectfully,
    John "Red" Turner
    John "Red' Turner

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    Re: 175th Ohio Reference Material

    Microfilm M1281, roll 7, Summary Statements of Quarterly Returns of Ordnance and Ordnance Stores at the National Archives MAY tell you what the regiment carried. My notes only go through the 100 days men (128th - 171st) and, with one exception, all those units carried Enfields.

    Anyway, as background, when Ohio created the National Guard in 1863/1864, the state issued the units those 2d and 3rd class weapons it had received from the federal government in September 1863. When the 175th mustered into federal service in October 1864, they turned in their state-issued muskets for government-issued Enfields or Springfields. According to the 1864 Ohio QMG report, Highland county (where most of the regiment was raised) turned back to the state 467 U.S. smoothbore muskets on 15 November 1864. Because the 175th was a one-year regiment, it is very unlikely that they retained their smoothbores.

    Generally speaking, the regiment would have worn the standard Union uniform and carried the standard equipment. It is possible they had OVM plates, but only a photograph will answer that question.

    In terms of further research, the National Archives may have the regiment and company order books and clothing records which will give more insight into the regiment's equipment. Letters to the editor of the Highland county newspaper(s) may also provide some clues. County histories are generally suspect, but it is worth looking at them, just in case. If you live in Ohio, a trip to both the Ohio History Connection and the Highland county historical society may yield some additional nuggets - like diaries, letters. or photographs.

    I hope this helps a bit.
    James Brenner