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caring for equipment

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  • caring for equipment

    i hope this one passes the moderator inspection.
    i am new to reenacting. how can i care for the uniform and equipment. i am short of funds and can't afford to buy a new set of gear every three years. does anyone have secrets they would like to share with a kid who cant afford to lose equipment due to use. are thare any good ways to keep wool and leather nice. how can i keep a hat from falling apart. all this is assuming i buy good quality gear from wambaugh or someplace like that.:)

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    Re: caring for equipment

    My biggest reason for replacing kit was because I was lead down the wrong path as a kid. I started out dismounted cav in the early 90's then went "campaigner" about a year later. I would say cry only once and buy the best stuff you can the 1st time around and take care of it. I still have some of the things I bought in the early 90's and have had HARD campaign use. I would say keep your stuff clean and don't abuse it just like a soldier would.
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      Re: caring for equipment


      Since you started your post with a comment about "moderator inspection..."

      As a number of moderators on two boards have suggested to you Herr Caleb, capitalization is desired and "texting" standards or lack of standards discouraged.

      You can choose to capitalize letters by holding down the shift key(s) on your keyboard. And there is a key with a "?" character on it that goes at the end of your sentences that are questions.

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        Re: caring for equipment

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