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    I'm currently looking for some help with my impression. I have a standard waist belt, with a Louisiana plate. I currently am trying to portray a Confederate soldier spring 1864. I often times have to fall in with different units so I am wondering what is the most common belt plate that I could use that would not cause to much trouble falling into other units (North Carolina Unit with a Louisiana plate). I'm really low on funds so I can't buy a new belt with like a Georgia frame or forked tongue. Would I be best to do with a rectangular C.S.A. or some other type of Confederate plate? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Elias Medrano

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    Re: Impression Help (Belt)


    I highly recommend using the search function of the forum. There are an abundance of resources related to your question. Your best bet is to research troops from the theatre and time frame you intend to portray. Take a look at images and look through records to see what was common.

    I understand you do not want to purchase a new belt, but there is no "one size fits all" for Confederate impressions. You will find that Confederate impressions, unless very limited, require a variety of equipment and uniforms. Research is the key to doing it accurately. Start digging through some information and tune you impressions appropriately. Start with online resources of images such as the Library of Congress and other archives of Confederate soldiers and don't forget that internet "research" rarely holds water. Take advantage of the good first hand information, records, and images.

    Take a look at some of the resources for purchasing used items once you determine what you need. You will find a used quality belt for the price of a new plate and it will be more versatile.

    Good luck and welcome to the AC.
    Patrick M. Ferringer

    Governor Guards


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      Re: Impression Help (Belt)


      A really, really "short" answer is that there is not a universal CS rectangular or oval belt plate and impressions are unit, time, and/or place specific when it comes to the rarer plates.
      Meaning, one could find say a (rarer) NC type plate, but then it revolves back to NC impressions.

      Being "low on funds" it reads to me that you have funds to purchase a replacement plate or buckle just not a whole belt. Unless your waist belt was cut really short/small. you should have "enough" to take off the old plate/buckle and sew on a new one.

      AND, if you want/have to buy a new plate/buckle anyways, it will not cost an arm and a leg to purchase a more "authentic' or "Period Correct" or PEC one as suggested above.

      Others' mileage will vary...

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