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Tins for safety

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  • Tins for safety

    Looking over the instructions for a quality upcoming event I see....

    >>Cartridge Box Tins: Each participant must use tins. Failure to use cartridge box tins may result in your expulsion from the ranks of the Battalion until tins are procured. Tins are an essential black powder safety item, and we do not want anyone getting their leg or hindquarters blown off. Tins are available by mail order from a number of vendors.<<
    (Emphasis mine)

    Is there any period source for this? I could have sworn we covered this in depth last year. I have no problem with using tins--always have used tins, they are a part of the soldier's equipment to keep the cartridges from being spoiled (Johnson's Cartridge box book, page 45). I have no problem whatsoever for them being required--but as a part of necessary issued equipment, not a safety issue myth. Let's face it, if a box 'goes off', heaven forbid, a piece of jagged sheet tin would only make it worse.
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    Re: Tins for safety


    While not a blackpowder expert I belive that the way the tins are structured if an ember or spark somehow got in the box while the flap was raised, the discharge would vent out up and back rather than forward into one's spine and pelvis. And a cartidge box with no tins would potentially expose a full 40 (or more) round cache for such an event where as the tins would limit it to what was in the top of the tins.

    Nevertheless, it woudn't be anything I'd want to see happen.

    My two cents.
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