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  • Coatsy
    Well, better late than never.... So The AG and 2021 events? Why yes. It's happening. If you're in Georgia, or the southeast, and want to do some olde tymey events with like minded living historians, check us out. Facebook and Website locations have not changed, see above

    Armory Guards Annual Drill & Meeting at the Smith Farm
    January 2021
    Impression: CS - Winter 1863-64 AOT
    POC: Herb Coats, Andrew Jerram
    Maximum Effort Event for all AG members, Guests welcome on request. Please contact Herb Coats or Andrew Jerram for more info.
    Max Effort Event for AG Members

    Battle of Fort Blakeley Event
    April 9-11, 2021
    Impression: Late War CS Infantry and Artillery
    POC: Austin Mitcham
    This is a Max Effort AG Event

    Franklin Federal Living History aka God and Right,
    Carter House, Tn. April 30-May 2, 2021
    Impression: US Soldiers, high standards, limited spots available
    POC: Andrew McKeegan is planning to attend, contact him if interested.
    Hosted by Independent Rifles

    Battle of Resaca Reenactment
    May 14-16, 2021
    Impression: US, 20th Corps Guiding Impression
    POC: Paul and Andrew Jerram
    This is a general interest event, Paul and Andrew are forming a US Color Guard for our friends in the GVB, The 20th Corps fought over the ground where the event is hosted.

    Drill, Seven Smith's Farm
    June 11-13, 2021
    Impression: CS infantry, Atlanta Campaign
    The original event planned by our comrades in the Widow Makers Mess has been pushed to 2022, This is a chance for us to drill, picket duty. and field craft.
    POC: Herb Coats

    1st Minnesota LH at Gettysburg NPS
    June 25-27, 2021
    Impression: US Infanty
    Andrew Jerram is heading up a US company of Western Types. The event will follow actions of the 1st Minnesota at the battle.
    POC: Andrew Jerram
    Event hosted by the LR

    8th Missouri Living History, Lookout Mtn. NPS, Ga.
    August 29-30, 2021
    Impression: US Infantry, 8th Missouri
    The AG, along with other like minded reenactors are participating in NPS park programs telling the story of the 8th Missouri while stationed around Lookout Mountain and Chattanooga.
    POC: Andrew Jerram, Herb Coats

    Rosecrans Pursuit September 10-12, 2021
    Impression: US Infantry. Chickamauga Campaign.
    POC: Travis Hebert, Andrew Jerram
    Travis is forming a US company for the big fall campaigner event. More info can be found on the 40 Rounds webpage and FB page. Company info can be found on the Armory Guards FB page.

    Fort McAllister, Tentative December 11-12, 2021
    Impressions: US
    POC: Travis Hebert, Herb Coats
    This is the park’s anniversary program,

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  • Coatsy
    Re: Armory Guards - Georgia, Southeast U.S.

    The Armory Guards has set their 2020 Event Schedule.

    Find us on the Facebooks:

    Like to Internet it Old School? Visit our website here:

    In Georgia and want to fall in with a crew of well known campaigner types of some renown? Contact Travis Hebert, Austin Mitcham, or myself for more information.

    2020 Schedule:

    Armory Guards Winter Drill and Meeting, Smith Farm, January 10-12, 2020
    Impression: CS - Winter 1863-64 AOT
    POC: Herb Coats, Andrew Jerram, Guests welcome on request. Please contact Herb Coats or Andrew Jerram for more info.
    Maximum Effort Event for AG members

    Defending the Heartland, February 21-23, Near Clarksville, TN.
    Impression: Early War CS
    POC: Austin Mitcham, Andrew Jerram
    Scenario is Fort Donelson just before the battle in 1862. The event centers on building winter quarters.

    155th Battle of Bentonville, March 20-22, 2020
    Impression: US - Co. I, 10th Iowa, 1865 Carolinas Campaign
    POC: Paul Jerram, Andrew Jerram, Herb Coats
    Maximum Effort Event for all AG members, Guests are welcome of course, but PLEASE contact Paul, Herb, or Andrew for more info.
    Max Effort Event for AG Members

    155th Battle of Fort Tyler Living History, West Point, Ga. April 17-19, 2020
    Impression: Late War CS Convalescents/Detachments (AOT) and Civilian Reserves
    POC: Herb Coats, Trace Scalf
    This is a High Interest AG Event

    Franklin Federal Living History aka God and Right, Carter House, Tn. May 1-2, 2020
    Impression: US Soldiers, high standards, limited spots available
    POC: Baker Watkins
    Hosted by Independent Rifles

    Battle of Pickett’s Mill Living History, Pickett’s Mill State Park, Dallas, Ga. May 29-30, 2020
    Impression: CS, 8-19th Arkansas Inf.
    POC: Dillan Lee, Herb Coats (AG Company)
    This event is the park’s anniversary program.

    Turning The Guns, CS Encampment Event, Virginia, July 31-August 1, 2020
    Impression: CS infantry, cross training on cannons, summer 1862 scenario.
    POC: Liberty Rifles
    Super Authentic CS Encampment weekend.

    Orphan Brigade Living History, Chickamauga NPS, Ga.
    August 29-30, 2020
    Impression: CS Infantry, AOT
    POC: Herb Coats
    The AG has been invited to host a interpretive program showcasing elements of the famed Orphan Brigade where they engaged at the actual location. This history heavy program will focus on a color company, and is limited to 40 men. This will be a mobile event, and not a "sitting in camp" situation.

    Brown’s Mill Living History, Newnan, Ga. October 24th, 2020
    Impression: Late 1864 Orphan Brigade before their conversion to cavalry.
    POC: Joe Knight, Clint Morris
    Joe Knight is working with the Friends Board to get an inaugural program running that portrays to the Kentucky soldiers in camp on the battlefield before they were transferred to a mounted unit.
    This is a High Interest AG Event.

    Fort McAllister, December 11-12, 2020
    Impressions: US
    POC: Travis Hebert, Herb Coats
    This is the park’s anniversary program, and we are falling in with Hunter Poythress and Jordan Roberts who are leading the overall Federal command for the weekend.
    This is a Max Effort AG Event.
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  • Coatsy
    Re: Armory Guards - GA & AL

    It is that time again, the Armory Guards 2018 Calendar has been set.

    Website: It can be found here:

    The Facebooks:

    Interested in falling in? Feel free to contact Joe Knight, David Chastain, or me.

    AG Drill/Meeting West Point, Ga February 2-4, 2018
    Impression: CS 1864 AOT
    POC: Lewis Robinson, Herb Coats, Joe Knight

    Fort Blakeley State Park Living History, March 16-18, 2018
    Impression: CS
    POC: Dustin Herr
    Genereal Interest

    Fort Tyler Living History, Late April 13-14, 2018
    Impression: Late War CS, Some US.
    POC: Joe Knight, Herb Coats
    High Interest

    Battle of Resaca, May 18-20, 2018
    Impression: 1864 CS, AOT
    POC: Herb Coats
    General Interest

    Prelude to Invasion CS Living History, Brandy Station, Va. June 2018
    Impression: ANV 1863, Invitation Only, Strict Guidelines
    POC: Michael Clarke/Liberty Rifles
    General Interest

    Brown’s Mill Living History, Newnan, Ga. August 24-25 2018
    Impression: CS, Roddy’s Command, Dismounted Cavalry
    POC: Joe Knight
    Maximum Effort Event

    155th Chickamauga NPS Living History. September 14-16 2018
    Impression: Units of Stewart’s Division
    POC: Travis Hebert (AG company), Herb Coats (Battalion commander)
    High Interest Event

    Harris Homestead Drill Weekend, October 6th, 2018
    Impression: CS, 5th Confederate Infantry
    POC: Robby Mitchell, Herb Coats
    General Interest

    Franklin Living History November 30 - December 2, 2018
    Impression: CS, 5th Confederate Infantry
    POC: Joe Knight, Herb Coats
    Maximum Effort Event

    Fort McAllister, December 2018
    Impression: US and CS
    POC: Joe Blunt, Jordan Roberts
    General Interest Event

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  • Coatsy
    Re: Armory Guards - GA & AL

    The Armory Guards 2017 Event Calendar has been set. It can be found here:

    The facebook page remains the same:

    If you are interested in falling in with us at any of these events, please feel free to contact AG President Andrew Jerram, Vice President Herb Coats, or Adjutant David Chastain.

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  • Coatsy
    Re: Armory Guards - GA & AL

    The Armory Guards 2016 calendar o' events can be found here:

    The facebook page remains the same:

    If you are interested in falling in with us at any of these events, please feel free to contact AG President Andrew Jerram, Vice President Herb Coats, or Adjutant David Chastain.

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  • Coatsy
    Re: Armory Guards - GA & AL

    The Armory Guards has put their 2015 event calendar together (finally.....) Where are we going this year? Find out here:!events/c1g2y

    Also, images from the Winter Quarters,1865 event from this past January have been put up on the Armory Guards Facebook page. (finally.....)

    Finally, The 2015 Armory Guards Leadership Committee consists of President: Joe Knight, Vice President: Paul Jerram, Adjutant, David Chastain.

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  • Coatsy
    Re: Armory Guards - GA & AL

    The Armory Guards website has been re-vamped:

    More images will be added in the near future of the AG in the field. Maybe if the web-guy can be bribed, some informational articles can be put up as well.

    The remaining 2014 schedule is posted on the new website as well. The AG has a facebook page as well:

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  • Coatsy
    AG 2013 Event Schedule

    The AG has set its 2013 event schedule. Our two Max Effort events are the June 1st Pickett's Mill State Park Artillery Drill, and the Kershaw's Effort at the 150th Pickett's Mill events. The 150th Vicksburg L.H., 150th Ft. Sanders event, and the 150th Lookout Mountain LH are our high interest events as well. If you are interested in attending an event with the AG, or the group in general, please contact me at hcoats007 at gmail dot com. Thanks!

    March 16, 2013: Drill and Living History at the Atlanta History Center. 11 am to 4 pm. The impressions are more than likely AOT 1863 and Federal Army of the Cumberland. POC is Herb Coats. (Living History/Drill)

    April 4-7th, 2013: “Marmaduke’s Raid II” Near Piedmont, Mo. This is an immersive event being hosted by Frank Aufmuth. Mike Comer is in charge of the CS forces. The AG and pals have a company. If you liked Bummers, you’ll like this. Impression: Trans Mississippi CS, 1863. Robert Saye and Herb Coats are the POCs. See event website for guidelines. (Immersive/Campaigner Event)
    Event Website:

    May 3-5, 2013: 150h Vicksburg LH hosted by Pat Landrum/Independent Rifles.
    Pat has offered the AG a spot to run our own program at this event at the Square Fort and Georgia Monument. The Georgia Brigades of Cummings and Barton are the guiding impressions for the Armory Guards. This is definitely one to go to. Robby Mitchell and Herb Coats are the POCs for the Georgia effort. See event website for kit guidelines. (Living History)
    Event Website:

    May 31-June 2, 2013: Pickett’s Mill Drill, Artillery drill. AG Max Event
    We will be focusing on artillery drill at the annual Pickett’s Mill commemoration event. The Impression: Atlanta Campaign, CS. See the park’s kit guidelines. In addition to the artillery drill, we will conduct infantry drills for the public. POC is Clint “Mumford” Morris, James Wooten, and Jason Scoggins. (Living History/Drill)

    June 27-30, 2013: Blue-Gray Alliance Gettysburg. We are falling in with the Heth’s Division effort. (Southern Division) We have a company in the same battalion that we were with at Maryland, My Maryland. The Impression is 1st Tennessee (Turney's Provisional). Impression: ANV mid-1863. Kit guidelines are simple. RD IIs, plain/no trim jackets, civilian coats, ANV gear, some captured Federal gear. We are forming a company with our pals in the Palmetto Guards. POC is Herb Coats and Bryant Roberts (PG). (Campaigner Adjunct)
    Event Website:

    July 20, 2013: Atlanta Living History: One day Living History/Drill.
    This Living History at Gilliam Park in East Atlanta, will be scaled back from last year, and just be on Saturday. Impression: Atlanta Campaign Georgia Militia. POCs are Robby Mitchell and Robert Collett. (Living History/Drill)

    August 2-4: Macon and Western Pickett Post, near West Point, Ga.
    Invitation only opposed immersion picket post. The picket post will represent the actions prior to the Battle of Jonesborough during the Atlanta Campaign. The details are still being worked out, but the units portrayed will be 66th Illinois Volunteer Regiment and the 1st Georgia Sharpshooters. The purpose of the event is to represent pickets from Hardee's Corps (Cleburne commanding) and Thomas E. G. Ransom's XVI Corps. POC: Lewis Robinson

    September 19 - 22 2013: 150th MEGA CHICKAMAUGA AG Max Event
    We will be with the WIG as CS. The campaigner effort that we’ve been following is forming portions of Kershaw’s Brigade from the ANV. We’ll need the blue/gray kersey Richmond Depot type jackets. We will also need kepis for this one. Most of us have taken care of getting these jackets already. If you need assistance with this jacket or finding a kepi, let us know. POCs are Brian Hicks, Clint“Mumford” Morris, Robert Collett, and Lewis Robinson. (Campaigner Adjunct)
    Event Website:

    October 11 - 13th, 2013: 150th Ft. Sanders event near Corryton, TN.
    Herb Coats is forming a CS company for this. Sean Cooper of the Mossy Creek Mess is assiting with march logistics, and a host of other campaigner related activities. The impression is a company in Cobb’s Legion (Longstreet’s Corps), so the uniform that you wear to 150th Chickamauga will be fine for this event as well. POC is Herb Coats and Sean Cooper. (Campaigner Adjunct)

    November 9th, 2013: Pickett’s Mill State Park Candle Light Tour/Drill.
    This is one of the park’s biggest fundraisers. We’ll need as many folks as we can get for the Saturday evening tours. We will conduct our fall drill during the day, and later participate in the candlelight tour. Impression: Atlanta Campaign CS & US. See the park’s kit guidelines. POC is Clint “Mumford” Morris and Robert Collett. (Living History/Tour/Drill)

    November Nov 23-24th, 2013: 150th Lookout Mtn Living History
    The NPS has asked the AG (and WIG) to help with the 150th Living History commemoration. Plans for what impression have changed around some, so stay tuned. We may be CS, we may be US. We will let you know ASAP. POC is Herb Coats. (Mobile Living History)

    December, 13-15th, 2013: 149th Battle of Ft. McAllister: As with 2012 the AG has an open invite to man one of the park’s cannons for the annual battle event. Jordan Roberts has command of this C.S. effort and is the POC for the AG men. The impression is the same as the 2012 event, and previous events. (Garrison/Battle Scenario)
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  • Coatsy
    2012 Armory Guards events

    For those who are interested in AG events, joing the AG, or just falling in with us at events here and there, here is the Armory Guards 2012 event schedule. The group voted on the events at our Pickett's Mill living history at the beginning of November. The AG has three Max Effort events for 2012. They are noted below.

    AG Events 2012

    Jan 27-29 AG Drill/Annual Meeting at Pickett’s Mill. Impression: 1864 Atlanta Campaign CS.
    POC: Herb Coats

    Feb 9-12 Ft. Donelson March & Living History, Sign up for Hicks’ company
    POC Brian Hicks

    Feb 17-19 Olustee Campaign Company, 32nd Georgia. Skirmishing in the Palmettos against out pards in the 48th New York. The patrol starts Friday evening and goes right up to the battle on Saturday.
    POC: Jordan Roberts

    March 3rd, AH Stephens State Park One Day Drill
    Impression is Western Theatre early war. Tommy Jackson and Ricky Jones are the POCs. Camping for Friday evening is available.

    March 16-18 Occupation of New Madrid hosted by Mike Comer -
    POC: Michael Comer

    March 30th-April 1st Shiloh 6th Mississippi Inf. The AG is in with Chad Wrinn’s company (Company A) Register here:
    Note: Kiev’s company for the Federal effort is full for the boat ride, but you can get in and wait for the boat people on shore. Please consider Company A and the CS effort! Herb, Bones, and Lewis have already signed up for the CS effort.
    POC: Herb Coats

    April 28 Booth Museum Civil War Days LH Cartersville, Ga One Day Drill
    The Museum has invited the AG for a Soldier’s Life LH on the grounds. Impression is the CS 1864 Atlanta Campaign. This will serve as a One Day Drill for the AG as well as make inroads with a new venue for the group.
    POC Allan Becton

    Pickett’s Mill Federal LH June 1-3 MAX EFFORT EVENT
    5th Kentucky & 9th Kentucky (Union) Impression. The plan is to follow these units’ footsteps close to the original schedule. This will be a mobile living history
    POC Herb Coats and Clint Morris

    July 20-22 Battle of Atlanta LH at Gilliam Park
    US and CS impressions specific to the battle. This is our summer drill/LH
    POC Herb Coats, Robert Saye, and Ricky Jones

    September 8 & 9, 2012 Maryland, My Maryland - hosted Southern Division
    This is the BIG battle reenactment of South Mountain and Antietam for the 150ths. There is a good amount of buzz for this. Herb Coats has an AG company that will be “Antietam sized”. The impression is Company I, Navarro Rifles, 4th Texas. We will be following scenarios that are pertinent to the command. Impression is worn and dirty gear! We are leaning towards plain orRD Type I jackets for the entire company.
    POC: Herb Coats

    Perryville October 5th-6h, AG and Pals Federal Company
    This is one of the best preserved battlefields in the US. Some of the best large reenactments have been at Perryville in the past. There is a large push within the campaigner community to go as a large Federal battalion. This one is worth the trip to central Kentucky. Put on the little used blue suit, and enjoy a 150th event on the actual battlefield.
    POC Herb Coats and Jordan Roberts

    October 25th to 28th Westville '65 Surrender of Succession MAX EFFORT EVENT -
    Herb and Ricky have command of the Federal garrison company; also there are many other opportunities to portray civilians, returning CS veterans, etc. There is a role for everyone at this. This is the last Westville event that the SCAR is hosting. Do not miss it!
    POC Herb Coats, Kiev Thomason and Ricky Jonesfor the US garrison company, Jim Butler for any other role

    November date TBD AG Drill

    December 7-9th Fire on the Rappahannock 150th Fredericksburg, Va. (General Interest)
    For those inclined, our buddy Pete Berezuk is in charge of a Federal effort that will be recreating the 89th New York crossing the Rappahannock River in recreated pontoon boats. The effort is also participating in living history vignettes in the town, and later the recreated assault on Marye’s Heights.
    POC Pete Berezuk
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  • Coatsy
    2011 Armory Guards events, etc.

    Gents, below is the Armory Guards list of events for 2011

    North Edisto Skirmish
    Jan. 28-30, 2011

    The Armory Guards are recreating a Federal Company under the command of Jordan Roberts and Kiev Thomason. The impression is the 47th Ohio Infantry. The event staff has some interesting orders that coming down the ranks that will challenge the participants.

    POC: Jordan Roberts

    AG Unit Meeting and Drill
    Pickett's Mill State Park, GA
    February 12, 2011

    This is our annual meeting. This year it is only a one day drill and meeting, but we are allowed to stay at the park Friday and Saturday evening. Everyone is encouraged to come in uniform. The impression is 1864 Army of Tennessee. See the link below if you have questions. We will be discussing unit business and events for the Second Half of 2011. We will discuss 2012 events as well. Also we will be voting on Unit Leadership positions. These include President, Vice President and Secretary. If you are interested in one of these positions contact Herb Coats. All members need to attend.

    POC: Herb Coats
    Kit Guidelines:

    Fort McAllister Confederate Garrison: Guarding Savannah
    Fort McAllister State Park, Savannah, Georgia
    March 3-6, 2011

    “Guarding Savannah” is a semi immersion event that the Armory Guards is hosting at Ft. McAllister State Park near Richmond Hill, Georgia March 2-6, 2011. The event is a blend of a the “Christmas at the Fort McAllister,” a weekend of recreating the garrison life of the fort as well as highly successful “garrison” events of the recent past such as the highly lauded “Winter of ’64” and the Fort Granger events. The Armory Guards under the Command of Kiev Thomason are forming the core of one of the two companies represented at this event. Activities are planned for Thursday. All participants MUST arrive onsite and be in kit by Friday at 3pm. We have a lot planned for this event.

    POC: Herb Coats and Jordan Roberts

    April Drill: Tullie Smith Farm Yard at the Atlanta History Center
    Atlanta History Center, GA
    April 2, 2011

    This is a one day drill at the AHC, Tullie Smith Farm Yard. The impression is Confederate Atlanta Campaign again. This one day drill working with School of the Soldier and School of the Company as well as help the AHC with a living history.

    POC: Herb Coats
    Kit Guidelines:

    150th Camp Jackson at the Jefferson Barracks at St. Louis, MO
    St. Louis, Missouri
    April 29-May 1, 2011

    Our Trans-Mississippi Pards are planning a good 150th anniversary LH in St. Louis. Herb and Tripp are planning on going and hope more will join us. Herb is organizing car pools. We are both throwing our lot with the Southern leaning side for this event.

    POC: Herb Coats

    Resaca Federal Company
    Resaca, GA
    May 20-22, 2011

    The Armory Guards is forming a Federal company under the command of Ricky Jones. More details and impression will be forthcoming later in 2011.

    POC: Ricky Jones and Herb Coats

    June Drill @ Picketts Mill, Commemoration Weekend
    Pickett's Mill State Park
    June 3-5, 2011

    This is a one day drill. We are welcome to camp at the park both Friday and Saturday evenings. We will be covering School of the Solider, School of the Company, and Skirmish Drill. The impression is Confederate Atlanta Campaign.

    POC: Jordan Roberts and Herb Coats

    Kit Guidelines:

    East Atlanta Living History
    Gilliam Park, Atlanta, GA
    July 16th, 2011

    This is our annual drill and living history in East Atlanta. This year it is a one day event. The impression is Confederate Atlanta Campaign or Georgia Militia. This is one week before the 150th Manassas, but a great chance to drill and just do a one day LH.
    POC: Robby Mitchell and Herb Coats

    150th Battle of Manassas
    Near Manassas Junction, Virginia
    July 22-24, 2011

    We will form the core of one of two WIG companies for this event which will be part of a full sized campaigner regiment being formed. Our portrayal is Company C, 2nd Mississippi Infantry. Our regiment, which will be commanded by Skip Owens, will be part of a larger brigand of eastern campaigners. Skip Owens, Matt Woodburn and others on the regimental staff are planning some GREAT things for the event. Do not miss this BIG 150th event!!!!! The basic impression will consist of Red overshirts and gray trousers! Carpools and Van rentals will be discussed too. Kiev Thomason is commanding the company.

    POC: Kiev Thomason and Herb Coats

    “Mustering In 1861”
    The Harris Homestead in Walton County, Georgia
    September 23-25, 2011

    Lewis Robinson and Kiev Thomason have planned a great early-war Confederate company muster. We are portraying Company H of the 11th Georgia Infantry. Herb Coats has company command and Kiev Thomason will be the master of the commissary. We will be conducting company level drill along with School of the Soldier, School of the Company, and Skirmish Drill. (With a little early war confusion added!) This is the event to bring your A-frame tents and set up along the company street. The event “feel” is similar to the “Return to the Ranks” event from 2005. Robby Mitchell has compiled some GREAT research regarding this company. The basic kit guidelines are civilian clothing or gray military frock coats. Kepis or slouch hats with black pre war or early war accouterments only! Bring your smoothbore musket! Bring your flintlock musket! If you do not have either of these a proper rifle musket is fine. This is the event to “stump” for an NCO position too!! Step up and deliver a Fire Breathing Secessery Speech! This is going to be a great early fall event!!!!

    POC: Lewis Robinson, Robby Mitchell, Herb Coats, Kiev Thomason

    Perilous times in South Union: South Union Shaker Village, Kentucky
    October 21-23, 2011

    This is the WIG main event for 2011. Kiev Thomason will be the go to guy for this event. This is another early war scenario, but set in a period Shaker community!

    Venue Website:
    POC: Matt Woodburn

    As always the Armory Guards are looking for men who want to experience Civil War living histories and battle enactments in an authentic and a well researched manner. We are primarily a campaign foucsed unit, and AG members have kits for Confederate, Federal, and civilian impressions. We are primarily a Georgia unit, but we do have memebers from the Carolinas, Alabama, Florida, and Tennessee. We are different than many units in the fact that we spread the military leadership roles through the membership base at various events. We welcome new research regarding the ACW and encouarge our memebers to seek out their own information. Our three elected positsions are administrative and event planning in nature. If you want more than the typical battle-fest then the Armory Guards has a place for you. Please contact one of the Armory Guards leadership.

    Unit POC: Herb Coats, President Email: Menion687 at

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  • Coatsy
    Re: Armory Guards - GA & AL

    The 2010 Bump if you will.

    We've already had a few events come and go, but there are still more coming up. We are working within the WIG battalion at Before the Breakout in September and we've got a few Living Histories that we are involved in. One is in Atlanta this July and this November Lookout Mountain. If you are interested in the Amrory Guards please drop via PM/email or visit our website here:

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  • Coatsy
    Re: Armory Guards - GA & AL

    Belated Bump,

    The new Armory Guards POC is Herb Coats (me)

    The website remains the same.

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  • trippcor
    started a topic Armory Guards - Georgia, Southeast U.S.

    Armory Guards - Georgia, Southeast U.S.

    Armory Guards
    Organization: Mess
    Location: Georgia & Alabama mainly
    Impressions: Western theater CS & US Inf, Militia, Civilian
    POC: Tripp Corbin -

    It is the philosophy and intention of the Armory Guards to accurately and respectfully portray the common American Civil War infantry soldier from the western theater with particular attention given to the events within Georgia in 1864. Further, this organization exists to expedite growth in the study of the Civil War by continually educating the unit's members as well as the general public.