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Forgotten Glory: 8th Florida at Gettysburg - Event Guidelines

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  • Forgotten Glory: 8th Florida at Gettysburg - Event Guidelines

    ~Impression Guidelines~


    CS issue slouch hat in tan,black ,or gray
    British import hat
    CS issue Jean kepis
    Civilian slouch hat
    All headgear must be of proper construction. No hat brass, No animal parts ,No feathers, NO MEXICAN WAR HATS ! No wheel caps, NO SIX POINTED “FLORIDA” STARS!Soldier.jpg

    “How the field looked by moonlight a wheat field, where the sheaves have been left un-gathered, and the color of a Reb is not unlike that of ripe wheat.” Major Robert Bodine 26th PA walking over the position his regiment fought the Floridians
    Richmond Depot Type 2 in Jean cloth
    Gray, tan, etc
    Richmond type 1 in Jean cloth (limited )
    Make the effort to get a Jean RDII!
    *Frock coats and Civilian garments and other Eastern style coats may be approved on a case by case basis. You will need to contact the organizers first.
    NO WESTERN THEATRE clothing or sutler row CS garments!

    CS issue shirts are the push
    Civilian shirts with period style patterns are allowed as a back up shirt and not a primary one.
    US issue wool shirt

    Jean trousers in Richmond and civilian patterns
    No checkered or mainstream cut trousers

    CS Issue
    US issue
    Civilian Boots

    -Field Gear
    Richmond pattern packs ( Kibbler, Pritchard, Johnson style packs)
    Federal Double Bag
    Issac and Cambell
    -Cartridge Box
    CS issue from Richmond
    Plain CS variants
    Federal patterns with out inspector stamps
    -Cap box
    CS patterns associated with the AnV
    US .58 patterns without inspector stamps
    CS made example
    US 2 Rivet
    No 1864 pattern US leathers.
    No 8 rivet scabbards
    -Belts Should be CS or US in origin the following buckles are allowed
    Roller Buckle
    Forked Tongue
    English snake buckle
    US ( do not flip it upside down)
    NO mainstream CS plates
    Tin DrumSolider 2.jpg
    US Patterns
    US canteen reworked by Richmond
    Wooden canteens documented to the ANV
    CS styles in plain cotton
    CS painted styles

    “We were armed with the Austrian rifle of an inferior quality and I desired to change them for Springfield rifles... without the red tape processes... The brigade we opposed [Lang's Floridians] were all armed with the Springfield rifles. Many of them gone through the renovating process, and bore the Richmond C.S. stamp.”
    Major Robert Bodine 26th PA
    1861 Springfield Rifled Musket
    1855 Rifled Musket
    CS Richmond Rifled Musket
    1853 Enfield ( allowed if you do not have or are not able to attain the above preferences )
    No Smoothbores, No Mississippis , no other weapons are allowed ! Your weapon must meet all National Park Safety Requirements!
    Please bring a bayonet!

    Documented CS patterns
    Documented US patterns

    -Ground cloth
    Painted CS oil cloth
    US rubber blankets

    CS flies
    Federal Type II shelter half

    ​​​​*No Modern Tobacco
    *No old times jugs
    *No cell phones
    Jason Brown
    Mess No. 1