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Ft.McAllister Living History Feb 12-13 2003

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  • Ft.McAllister Living History Feb 12-13 2003


    Kind of short notice but, in case you want to escape the blahs and attend and a great program.

    Ft. McAllister is having a winter muster and battle demonstration this weekend, both Federal and Confederate are needed, camping will be allowed on Friday night. The fort is located at Richmond Hill, Georgia near Savannah off I-95 and Hwy. 144

    Sgt Greg Deese
    5th GA
    Gregory Deese
    Carolina Rifles-Living History Association
    "How can you call yourself a campaigner if you've never campaigned?"-Charles Heath, R. I. P.

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    Re: Ft.McAllister Living History Feb 12-13 2003

    God, I'd kill to do it. Gx3 grandfather was with Co.H 111th IL, the first to top the ramparts and put an American flag on the fort. Unfortunately its too far of a drive for me. :( Best of luck and God Bless!
    [SIZE="4"][B][COLOR=RoyalBlue]Eric Michael Burke[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE]
    [I][URL=""]Salt River Rifles[/URL][/I]

    [URL=""]Forty Rounds: Fifteenth Army Corps, 1862-1865[/URL], Blog Owner.

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    [B]Pvt. James Swingler Chandler (3x Great Grandfather)
    [/B]Co. H, 111th Illinois Volunteer Infantry
    [B]Pvt. John D. Linthicum (4x Great Grandfather)
    [/B]Co. F, 118th Illinois Volunteer Infantry
    [B]Pvt. Martin Van Buren Straight (3x Great Grandfather)
    [/B]Co. E, 23rd Missouri Volunteer Infantry
    [B]Cpl. Andreas Schoen (3x Great Grandfather)
    [/B]Co. A, 30th Missouri Volunteer Infantry
    [B]Pvt. Madison Burke (3x Great Grandfather)
    [/B]Battery B, 1st Ohio Volunteer Heavy Artillery
    [B]Pvt. Eli Bell (4x Great Grandfather)
    [/B]Co. C, 31st Alabama Infantry[/i][/SIZE]


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      Re: Ft.McAllister Living History Feb 12-13 2003

      Fort McAllister is holding its 140th on Dec.11-12. We need lots of Yanks. Plan to have an all day march with it ending with a 15 min assault on works. Very litte battle lots of living history. Robbie Mitchell commanding small CS garrision in fort. Anybody interested?

      Danny Brown (Manager Fort McAllister Historic Park)