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    Here is what participants will need to bring to the event. "Re-Occ" is still quite a ways off (Feb 2005,) but we wanted to get this out there for the benefit of folks who might need time to acquire an item or two:

    I. In participant's head (be able to display and/or perform):

    - Knowledge of the common infantry soldier -- his equipment, weapons, basic fieldcraft (note: you might be asked to cook bacon in the dark ;) )
    - the manual of arms
    - loading and firing in nine times
    - deploying as skirmishers
    - firing while standing and from kneeling/prone position
    - General knowledge of the 52d PVI's history, and more specifically, its role
    in the siege of Charleston and the re-occupation of Ft Sumter (Union 10th Corps, First Separate Brigade, BG John P. Hatch commanding.)
    Note: 52d brigaded w/54th Mass (Colored), 55 Mass (colored), 54th NY, 56th NY, 35th USCT, 33d USCT, 3rd NY Light Arty - Btty B, 3rd RI Heavy Arty.

    For rankholders:

    - We'll expect NCO's (which will be appointed well in advance) to know their
    business. Corporal's, remember, the word comes from the Latin
    "body(corpus)-mover." Just as in a "real" infantry company, sergeants and
    corporals will make or break our event. The two company officers should not have to involve themselves in routine matters. They will make their intent clear, post a few basic orders, state the times by which things need to happen, and monitor events in case something goes awry, adapting thier orders depending on the tactical situation. It will be up to the first sergeant and the nco's to do the rest.

    For privates:
    Follow your leaders' orders, look out for your filemates, and enjoy yourself.

    II. In participants possession (gear)

    GUIDING IMPRESSION: 52d PVI, Co. K., a well-equipped federal regiment on garrison duty engaged in the seige of Charleston, headquartered on Morris Island. February 1865.

    - Coats: four button sack or federal dress coat (infantry trim)
    - trousers: federal foot pattern (sky blue for enlisted, appropriately striped for NCO's, O's -- Dark blue okay) Suspenders or belt individual option.
    - Shirts: Fed issue preferred. Civy shirts permitted. Extra shirt in
    knapsack/bedroll advised.
    - Drawers: Fed issue preferred. Civy pattern permitted. "Commando" permitted but
    discouraged -- it could be COLD.
    - Headgear: Fed forage caps or fed dress hats. Dress hats shall be devoid of trim. No civy hats.
    - Footwear: Enlisted - Fed issue bootees required. O's - boots permitted.
    - Socks: Fed issue preferred, handknit homestyle permitted. Cotton discouraged but ot disallowed. ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST BRING AT LEAST ONE CHANGE OF SOCKS due to likely event of wet socks from coming ashore on Morris Island. No "sockless" soldiers please -- these men were well-equipped.
    - Greatcoat: Federal foot pattern highly encouraged -- could be a "event-saver" on Morris. O's may wear private purchase coats.
    - Weapons/accouterments: Preferred - M1861/63 US rifle-musket. P1853 "Enfields" permitted. (preferably struck "bright.") No M1842's or two-banders. JUSTIFICATION: Per 52d PVI history, regiment entirely re-equipped with "latest model" of federal rifle-musket in winter of 63/64.
    -- No cloth musket slings.
    -- Federal pattern of 1855 or 1860 leather gear. No English or .69 accouterments. Waistbelts and cartridge boxes must have proper leadfilled US plate affixed, and shoulderbelts must have proper leadfilled "eagle" breastplate.
    -- Note: wear of cartridge box on waistbelt is permitted. In all cases, boxes must have tins.
    -- Bayonet scabbard must have finial securely attached.
    - Haversack: federal painted cloth. Expect initial ration issue prior to
    departure for Morris Island at event start point (TBD, but probably Ft Moultrie
    - Canteen: Federal smoothside (oblate spheroid) or bullseye (concentric-ringed oblate spheroid.) Covers of appropriate jean or blanket cloth. No sky-blue kersey covers please. Slings must be of correct folded cloth (smoothside) or herringbone twill tape (bullseye). No jack-chain attached stoppers (use twine)or and no leather canteen slings. Please report to event with full canteen. You may bring two if desired
    - Knapsacks: Fed M1855 doublebags. Bedrolls (mulecollars) permitted or a combination of the two.
    - Blankets: Fed issue. No quilts -- not that they aren't authentic, but they are tough to dry-out if they get wet. (bring two blankets if possible -- one may be civy if necessary)
    - Gumblanket: most definitely!
    - Shelter halves: may be brought along but will not be erected on Sumter.
    - Personal items: Dippers, boilers, coolers etc. permitted. Penknives, watches, jewelry, etc. must be of period style. "Comfort items," such as camp hats, balaclavas, scarves, mittens, gloves permitted and encouraged. No MODERN EYEWEAR. Period personal hygiene items permited. Prescription meds/contact lens care items in poke sacks. Smoking items permitted, except for modern cigarettes, but no smoking inside Ft Sumter. No alcohol on NPS property. Wrap any and all edibles in period material.
    No pop-tarts, candy bars, M&M's,"trail mix" or other farb-chow. Cameras not
    specifically banned, but may be confiscated if blatantly evident.
    - Corps badges: 10th Corps (four-bastioned fort) permitted but not required. Red (1st division.)whip-stitched to left breast of coat if worn on this garment. On disc or left side of headgear if worn there.
    - Cartridges: provided (empty cartridge/cap boxes please)


    Additional "garrison" type items -- ticks, lanterns, candles, boxes, cookpots,
    tools, additional blankets, etc. may be pre-positioned on Sumter if desired, but transportation challenge makes use on Morris impossible. Guiding principle for items pre-positioned on Sumter would be items abandoned by recently evacuated Sumter CS garrison troops -- in other words, not much, pretty well "used-up" and restricted to items they likely would not have bothered to carry out enroute to their planned link-up w/Joe Johnston's boys in NC. Plan to bag these items in a "croaker" or flour sack, securely tied off so that they can be easily transported and stored indoors Friday night on Sumter. We'll provide period tags to mark your bag for quick identification when you arrive on Sumter.

    III. In participant's heart:

    Perhaps the most important thing you'll bring is an attitude of cooperativeness
    and a willingness to do what is asked of you to ensure both you and your
    filemates have as good an experience as we can make happen. Additionally, you must come with a degree of mental toughness to willfully endure a bit of personal discomfort - particularly Friday night on Morris Island which could be brisk. While we'll not allow anyone or anything to endanger life or health, but let's face it, it could be cold and a bit uncomfortable out there on that barren island we'll occupy until we head over to Sumter Saturday morning -- and bugging-out to the parking lot is not an option. :wink_smil

    Event Administrator