The U. S. Army has informed me that the ceremonies at Fort Dix have been changed to Wednesday July 18.
The programs will start at 9:00 am. the U.S. Army will provide lodging and food for anyone who wants to come and show support for our troops.
I told the U. S. Army that I can only guarantee myself and my cannon as this is in the middle of the week.
So if you want to show your support and meet a bunch of honest to goodness heroes that are putting their lives on the line for us, drop me a line or give me a phone call..
I can guarantee you is a great time.
Want to be truly authentic? Help me answer the U. S. Army's call for volunteers.
It Is My Honor To Remain Your Most Humble And Obedient Servant
Jeffrey Cohen
Sixth New York Independent Battery
Bucca's Battery
296 West Emerson Avenue
Rahway, NJ 07065-3132
Phone 732-499-0235
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