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Return to Manassas, 2010

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  • Return to Manassas, 2010

    Gents, Ladies and Ne'er do wells,

    The scenarios for next year's Return to Manassas ( August 27-29, 2010) will be-

    Thoroughfare Gap- reenactors only
    Brawner's Farm- public
    Morning Assualt on the RR Cut- reenactors only
    Chinn Ridge- Public

    If you have been to a WMHF event, you know what to expect. Planning on 2,000 participants, with force ratios enforced, highly detailed unit specific scenarios, and history being first, last and foremost.

    There will be a military only camp, a Civilian only area, and a Camp of Convenience for those who wish to camp with their families.

    All published rules will be enforced, as per our SOP, and as reenactors we will work long and hard to produce another memorable event.

    It has been a long time since there has been an event based on the 2nd Manassas Campaign, and we welcome your support.

    Kevin Air will be returning as the Commander of the Federal forces, and they States Rights Forces will be lead by your's truely. My apologies to those who don the gray!

    The event is being held on the Hope's Campaign site ( near Hershey PA), and all proceeds go to Britney's Hope, a non profit charity for special needs children.

    Look for a web site and more information shortly!

    S. Chris Anders

    "Authenticity Glorifies the Campaign"

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    Re: Return to Manassas, 2010

    I can't wait! Thank you for all your efforts!

    Dave Prince
    Dave Prince