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Independence Village, October 7-10

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  • Independence Village, October 7-10

    It will be Oct. 1861 this time around and the village will be celbrating the harvest season and talking about the latest war news.

    We just finished an excellent immersion weekend there and plan on taking advantage of the Columbus Day holiday to stretch this one out to allow for more time to interact and improve our impressions.

    We could use some young fellows to portray soldiers on furlough or recovering from wounds or if enough we can do a recruiting scenario with an officer and some patriotic speeches. Or a little bit of townball amongst the Independence folks and a nearby town. The scenarios possibilities are many.

    If you haven't been to this place, give it some thought. It is a great place to do civilian reenacting and a great place to me immersed in the period. Come see what the place has to offer.

    Check out the Independence Village group on Google.
    Michael Comer
    one of the moderator guys

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    Re: Independence Village, October 7-10

    Thanks, Mike! I'd like to add a bit more info for those who haven't yet seen the village. Here's the site web page. Click on 'photos' for pics of the cabins and environment.

    For more information on the event, please join the google group, and check out the corresponding thread in the civilian folder.

    Although many reenactors have their calendars full with sesquicentennial battles, the Independence Village events are a wonderful way to experience life the way it would have been lived during the war years. Join a dedicated group of reenactors who are committed to immersion -- no modern talk, no modern objects.

    Gentlemen who want to participate in the recruitment or mustering-in activities will be accommodated in houses. We also have room for one or two more single ladies in village homes. This is a great way to get in on the ground floor of our village life, and help shape the future of our events.
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