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"We're just volunteers!" AAR for First at the Fort

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  • "We're just volunteers!" AAR for First at the Fort

    ]My undying thanks go to Silas Tackitt, Lawrence Bateman, Dennis Eller, John McPherson, Dan Atchley, and Bill Lund for proving that quality personnel make an event a superb undertaking!

    It was a great weekend with some of the finest living historians on the West Coast. THEM was represented by a hard core cadre of excellent pards. Living history demonstrations went smoothly, depending on how many were present. We were able ot perform skirmish drill, firing drills, and gun drills using the Park’s mock-up 200 lb Parrott Rifle. The gun drills were ably led by Silas Tackitt, who worked hard to cross train infantrymen in the use of heavy artillery. Once again we leaned upon his wealth of knowledge and willingness to teach.
    One of the unique factors of this event was running a larger cmap than the men of THEM are accustomed. We can bivouac with the best of them, but seemed a bit out of place among common tents and a larger fire. But it was all to the correct historical pattern and appropriate for the time period. Additionally, THEM put away their cherished boilers and poke sacks in order to eat as a large mess from our newly acquired nesting kettles, courtesy of THEM member Neal Jones. It was a different experience for THEM, but very well received. We had a large kettle of coffee brewing all day, and everyone drank their fill.

    Most importantly, we got the chance to inform the public of the men who garrisoned the Northwest while the war raged in the East. It raised may eyebrows when they learned that the forts were built t protect the Columbia River against the possibility of British incursions against US interests. Possibly the most interesting facet of he weekend was portraying Company B of the 8th California, who were a nine months regiment raised on the West Coast. Normally we portray Regulars, who are generally squared away and professional. Our research led us to believe that such an attitude would not be correct for the 8th California. As a result, the watchword for the weekend became “Hey, we’re volunteers” whenever we missed the finer points of drill and military life.

    The weather was a little ( or at least felt a lot) hotter than expected. This was exacerbated by a last minute change to the camp location, away from the nice shady spot we had desired. The park wanted us elsewhere. But at least we got to camp near the civil war earthworks rather than the concrete casemates. And, the ever present cool offshore breezes helped to keep us comfortable.
    Numbers were also lower than expected. We had hoped for enough to be able to run a guard mount and do more company drill, but the realities of summer life played their cards against us. However, the war cry of the authentic reenactor is quality over quantity, and we will continue to focus on getting the minutiae correct and adding people accordingly.

    THEM will undoubtedly be returning next year, and are looking forward to sharing the experience with an increasing number of living historians. Plans for next year will feature an expanded commissary and Quartermaster section, with boxes, crates, and supplies to help round out the feel of a company in garrison. Greater numbers will also ensure the ability to keep a guard mounted all day, and a more structured military camp.

    This is a perfect opportunity to increase our professional development as Civil War soldiers, and learn new tricks and trades. Look for an event listing early in 2015, and we hope to see you out with THEM again!

    mcp8th.jpgspongedan.jpgTHEMParrot.jpg 10417676_706826529354563_8680351409169699363_n.jpg10461620_706826509354565_7553396343070128879_n.jpgatch8th.jpg[ATTACH=CONFIG]47702[/ATTACH

    Your Ob’t Sv’t,
    Daniel Limb
    One of THEM
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    Dan Limb
    One of THEM!

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