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Updated List and Cap Increase

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  • Updated List and Cap Increase

    Want to get on here before the insanity of Warlike kicks up (can’t wait!) to bring you this updated list and some news:

    After selling my soul and the turnout we got for this event the park is letting us add some additional numbers. Below are the amount of open spaces for each company:
    DesRochers: Zero
    Knight: 6
    Aufmuth: 17
    Barr: 13
    Gaylon: 19

    Any new people to campaign events just let me know and I’ll place you with a crew from your geographical area. If you’re an “old hat” and don’t care where you go, even better, it’s not like we’re stretched out a far distance.

    That’s 55 additional spots. This is last call.

    The list so far is:

    Updated 9/10

    DesRochers’- Independent Rifles

    DesRochers Brian
    Morris Justin
    Thompson Jeff
    Willingham Brad
    Willingham Keith
    Ricci Joseph
    Husley David
    White Lee
    Ross Jerry
    Dean Tudd
    Dean Tyler
    Evans Scott
    Black Bruce
    Faucheux Jay
    Ricketts Jordan
    Bowling Kyle
    Tilley Shannon
    Warren Robert
    Conley Jim
    Bradford Luke
    Dusel Barry
    Prather Alan
    Cleveland Casey
    Rhodes Caleb
    Armstrong, Brad
    Wagner, Garret
    Sweeney, John, The Honorable
    Gebhart, Joe
    Welshans, Cory
    Worsham, David
    Sheets, Scott

    Knight’s Company- Armory Guards
    Knight, Joseph Esq
    Morris Clint
    Wright Chris
    Travis Herbert
    Jarrett Bones
    Scroggins Jason
    Coats Herbert
    Sawyer Josh
    Kelly James
    Collett Robert
    Lutes John
    Clendenin Ryan
    Cavin, Robert
    Lunsford Stephen
    Brewer Zach
    Mcaskill, David
    Lane, Gray
    Wright, Chris
    Schulte, Jake
    Borders, Cameron
    Long, David
    Jerram, Andrew
    Jerram, Paul
    Suttle, Tyler

    Aufmuth Company- Skulkers
    Irvin Ken
    Dunkham Ray
    Friday Buck
    Reinholz Jason
    Pillers John
    Bowden Justin
    Therrell Ray
    Aufmuth Frank
    Aufmuth Sam
    Powell Jeremy
    Irelan Christopher
    Michael Comer
    Protz, Ryan

    Barr’s Company-Old Guard/MangRifles
    Barr Whitson
    Watkins Baker
    Martin Eric
    Wade Greg
    Walgren Samuel
    Severance Barrett
    Werner Blake
    Hughes Jerry
    Hoover Mike
    Harris Jon
    Williams Jeff
    Emmons, Justin
    Zhanow, Travis
    Watson, Donnie
    Stewart, Blake
    Milam, Steve
    Brown, Myers

    Gaylon’s Company- TM Hellcats
    Miller Avery
    Burnett James
    Cobb Ryan
    McBride Phil
    Moore Bobby
    Gray Ryan
    Gaylon, Sam
    Wayne Sebastian
    Campbell Robert
    Caudill, Dylan
    Klass, Aaron

    Staff and Color Guard

    Kasmar Andrew Color Guard
    McGee Mike Color Guard
    Turner John Color Sgt
    Underwood Tyler Color Guard
    Burcham, Alex Color Guard
    Brisentine, Chris Color Guard

    Landrum, Patrick
    Smotherman, Joe
    Gibson, Tyler

    Event website with PayPal and mailing information

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    Patrick Landrum
    Independent Rifles

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    Re: Updated List and Cap Increase

    Patrick Please reserve two spots one for me and my Son we will register this weekend once we both get paid, His name is Sean Clohesy and My Name is Brian Clohesy we hail from the Tar Heal State and Are good pards with The Deans, But I see that company is full. I'm and experienced NCO so if any company is looking for 1st Sgt to Cpl Im more than happy to help if not no big deal.

    Brian Clohesy


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      Re: Updated List and Cap Increase

      That's fine. Shoot it over when you can. Tudd will tell you who to register with.
      Patrick Landrum
      Independent Rifles