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Winter Quarters - Final Updates

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  • Winter Quarters - Final Updates

    I really haven’t used his folder and have mostly relied on Facebook. However here are the final two updates for this weekend in one post:

    Alright! Now is the time to be inspecting and final packing your kit, cleaning your rifle and bayonet and getting ready for a great weekend!

    The address to the site is:
    Confederate Memorial Park
    437 County Road 63, Marbury Al. 36051.

    Registration is open from 12:00 pm-9:00 pm on Friday. If you show up early, feel free to tour but do not go to camp. When you arrive you will be looking for the white chapel building (picture attached) and circled in yellow. Get in your kit, get registered, get parked and head to camp (circled in red). We are going live Friday night so try and make it before registration closes at 9:00 pm. Leave your phone, modern political opinions and crappy attitude in the car. We will have people taking pictures but that stuff needs to be locked up prior to us kicking off. Remember- you are on your own for food Friday night! Either cook or go grab something but be back by 9. If you are arriving later, please message me.

    Also as a point of clarity- there will be no coolers, no cigarettes or anything modern in camp. If you are found with these items and don’t correct yourself when asked, you will be told to leave. None of us on the event staff spend hours getting details down to a science in order for someone to have a tailgate party and run the risk of getting us booted from the site.

    The emergency contact number for the event is (615)715-6147. This is my cell phone. If they can not reach me, call the park during business hours (205)755-1990.

    Good Morning! Rations are packed, equipment is stacked, pots and kettles have been cleaned and checked, knives are sharp and the weather looks pretty good! Hard to believe that 48 hours from now I’ll be loaded up, heading down and getting set up for this weekend! If you arrive after the park closes at 5, or if you leave to get some food, the gates will be dummy locked, please return them the way you found them and DO NOT actually lock the gate.

    I would like a few volunteers to help run registration. Also remember- if you’ve got new or used gear to sell, bring it along and set up in the registration building!

    Quick word on building assignments- when you come into the camp and pass by the flag pole and officers buildings- DesRochers company (Co A) will be in the building on the left. The musicians will camp with his NCOs in the NCO room. Barr’s Company will be in the barracks building on the right of the camp.
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