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Period Forumla Leather Wax & Soap "Now" Available....

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  • Period Forumla Leather Wax & Soap "Now" Available....

    ANNOUCING!! Available Now!!...Mid 19th century "period correct" leather care products.....

    CROWN Soap: 18th/ 19th Century Crown Soap!!
    Crown Soap goes back least into the middle 1700's. It was an extrememly popular soap for cleaning leather during the 19th century. Advertisements are routinely found in period newspapers and magazines. Harness makers often made their own soap for local sale often from closely guarded secret recipes.
    In fact, Benjamin Franklin’s father Josiah Franklin was a candle and soap maker. He made Crown Soap. By using salt he improved the recipe and made famously fine bars of soap with a crown stamped on them. The formula was a strict family secret, and a source of family discord when one of Benjamin’s sisters let it out.
    We are now offering a period Crown Soap for cleaning leather. Our soap is from a period recipe for leather soap commonly used by mid-19th century harness makers. NOTE: It is NOT like modern saddle soaps but instead is made with cod oil as were most period recipes. Our period soap recipe will gently clean the leather but not be harsh enough to damage the leather.
    *All natural ingredients!!

    PRESERVATION WAX: Our secret finishing wax is made from a rare formula found in an old Harness Maker's Manual. Due to environmental restrictions it has been slightly re-formulated but still contains most of the very same original ingredients to give a deep, rich 19th century finish just like period leather finishes looked and felt like. Moreover, our wax contains a natural mold and mildew inhibiter, along with built in protection from insect damage. Our black Preservation Wax contains lamp black to help maintain and enrich the color of your black leather items. Your Choice!...Black (*) or Clear (for rusett leather)

    ** I have used the black product extensively on my boots and brogans and can attest to its unique forumla, protection abilities and how it enhances the appearance of your leather. It is very thick so it coats and seals the leather far better than common modern comercial waxes. It goes on easy, smooth and rich. Great for all leathers and as a great re-finish for waxed leather (rough out) brogans and boots. Nothing like it for sale anywhere!!!

    NOTE: All your leather items should be cleaned with crown soap and sealed with preservation wax at least once or twice a year in order to prevent the build up of dirt and protect it against damage to the grain surface. For directions for period Leather Care......See our article (by David Janagin and myself) on my web site ( ) under...”Feature Articles by Ken R Knopp” ....... click on.... ”The Reenactor’s Guide to Leather Care in the 19th Century”

    CARE FOR YOUR LEATHER!!! For a great period approach to caring for your reenactor leather.... first, clean your leather with our period "Crown Soap", then lightly moisturize it with Pure Neat's Foot oil and then finish it with this great all-around period Preservation Wax to coat and protect. For all of your saddles, accoutrements and footwear.

    Crown Soap: Cost: Crown Soap (4 oz. Tin) $7 plus shipping
    Preservation Wax (4 oz. Tin ) Cost: $13.00 plus shipping.


    or the previous page #24 for the crown soap!

    Ken R Knopp
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