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US issue shirt kits available from GRAY domet flannel!

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  • US issue shirt kits available from GRAY domet flannel!


    We have just laid in a supply of GRAY domet flannel and as such are making our US issue shirt kits available again! From our website:

    Perhaps every soldier, at some time during his term of service with the Union army, was issued a wool/cotton domet flannel "quartermaster pattern" shirt. Derided as "insufferable hair shirts" by some soldiers who wore them, this style of Federal shirt was nevertheless produced in the millions and was no doubt widespread among the eastern theater armies. Today in the hobby these shirts are far too lacking in number among Federal living historians. The truth is that no Federal impression should be without a domet flannel issue shirt, and a spare kept in the knapsack will prove to be invaluable on damp, chilly nights, or when a change out of a wet cotton shirt is needed in the warmer months. When worn in the field the domet flannel shirt adds an undeniable no-nonsense air to any Federal impression that cotton civilian shirts fail to do.

    We have currently stocked mixed GRAY domet flannel for our shirt kits. In the unpublished draft "U.S. Army Quartermaster Contracts 1861-1865" by Earl Coates and Fred Gaede, gray flannel issue shirts comprise 2, 650,202 or 35% of all contract shirts purchased by all Federal depots from a total that also includes white domet and knit wool. While the majority of gray shirts appeared in the west via Cincinnati Depot, nearly a million were issued through New York and Philadelphia. Additionally some "quartermaster pattern" issue shirts in gray flannel appear throughout original images, details from two of which are provided below. Note that in the large image of the 13th N.Y.H.A. the bearded man at right is wearing a white domet issue shirt while the rest appear to be made from mixed gray domet.
    The other barrier to widespread use of these shirts by living historians is that the original issue shirts produced by the US government were entirely handsewn. Accurate reproductions of these garments should be entirely handsewn, and now, for less than half of what it would cost to have it made by one of the many makers of authentic goods, you can make one of these shirts for yourself! If you understand just a few basic stitches, you should have no problem following our full color instructions to making yourself an issue shirt. For the $70.00 fee you will get:

    All the pieces cut out and ready to put together
    Enough thread to sew the shirt together
    Instructions with several full color pictures
    Even a little ball of wax for the thread!

    The kits will be available in issue size (up to a 42) and "large" (up to a 48). Please specify which size you need when ordering.
    Price $70.00

    Dan Wambaugh
    Wambaugh, White, & Company
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