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Authentic Campaigner Approved Vendors

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  • Authentic Campaigner Approved Vendors


    The Authentic Campaigner has always provided the best vendors the Authentic Civil War Hobby has to offer. Through our vetting process, we work with makers you know you can trust when assembling your impression. We are proud to work with our Approved Vendors. It is a symbiotic relationship. We promote the best and the best support the AC.

    When you visit the Front Page of the AC and whenever you are on the forums, you will see one of these banners pop up. To visit one of our Approved Vendors, all you need to do is click on the banner.

    To Visit One of Our Approved Vendors, Simply Click on a Logo to Visit Their Web Page or Facebook Page:

    18TH CENTURY ARMS - Adam Daub provides custom-built rifles, hand-forged knives and de-farbing/restoration of Civil War Rifles as well as 18th and Early 19th Century Flintlock rifles.

    AGENTS CAMPBELL & PELICAN - When Agents Campbell & Pelican's Military Goods first started in 2011 buying muskets, they never could have imagined that they would have over 75+ muskets move through their hands. The Agents have bought and sold muskets and bayonets across international borders and even across an ocean.

    THE BUTTON BARON - John Zaharias, Sutler - Offering a colossal assortment of Antique Buttons and Related Accessories Specializing in Antique Buttons for Historical Impressions.

    CIVIL WAR DIGITAL DIGEST is your first stop for high quality videos on American Civil War era history and living history topics. Avid living historians, relaxed armchair generals and teachers will find resources that both educate and entertain.

    COMER'S GUNWORKS - Do you have a reproduction musket that you would like to look more like the originals? How about an old weapon you'd like to see repaired or restored? Is your favorite musket in need of a good cleaning and renewal? I can take care of that for you.

    CONFEDERATE SADDLE & HORSE EQUIPMENT - Ken Knopp is the go to expert on Confederate cavalry equipment with both original and reproductions items. Also over a dozen (and growing) military culture articles written or co-authored by Ken with photos and fully footnoted, plus a "ton" of artifact photos of original uniforms, weapons, equipment, civ. clothing, soldiers, and always a rotating stock of stuff for sale!

    DELAIN HOSTING is a web hosting service. We power the Authentic Campaigner forum. If we can help you or your group with a web space of its own just let us know.

    GIMCRACK & BUNKUM - "Historical projectiles and cartridges, one at a time, by hand. Whether you're a reenactor or a range master, I will strive to put the best in your cartridge pouch. From the Brown Bess to the "new-fangled gimcracks" and a little beyond, if you've got it, I can help you make it speak once again."

    History Fix - Escape into history through movies, documentaries, docudramas, and how-tos! Find your own way to enjoy history! All content is selected by history buffs - for history buffs! New content is added weekly!

    HISTORY TUNES was created to showcase talented artists who recreate traditional, historic music from the past. We bring them together to a central hub, where guests are able to discover musicians, listen to their music, and have the opportunity to purchase single songs or full albums.

    LD HANING & COMPANY - Manufacturer of high quality, authentic Civil War Era Military Accoutrements and Leathers, by Tim Welch.

    PRESERVATION PARCELS - Preserve yourself and preserve history. For almost 20 years, Preservation Parcels has offered heirloom quality, precisely detailed caps, housewifes, comfort kits, and more. We share our passion for American history with our customers by donating part of the proceeds from each purchase to preservation. We are grateful for the many acres and sites that have benefited from this partnership. Stitch by stitch, acre by acre.

    SOUTH MOUNTAIN FORGE - We strive to accurately recreate the Bowie knives of the 1840s to 1870s and give folks the best in historically correct Bowies and other knives for their collection, hunt, and living history lifestyles.

    SOUTH UNION MILLS - Purveyors of authentic clothing, knit goods, straw hats, tinware, handkerchiefs, footwear, and accessories. Now stocking ready made issue brogans in most sizes!
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