We are thrilled to introduce our new web store. Please swing by (virtually) and check it out at:

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Currently, you can find hardtack cutters based on measurements taken from the piece and a half owned by Kyle Stetz. These crackers were sent home by Norman Gifford of the 10th NY Cavalry. We are proud to have permission to create these.

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We also now sell dough roller ends. Michael Schaffner had the great idea in his hardtack treatise to use a guide to roll the dough out evenly. We've taken the idea this concept and moved it into the 3D printed world. Using these ends and a 1" dowel you can get locally (and save on shipping costs) you can get hardtack dough rolled out much more evenly, creating better results! This is the way we did it in our new hardtack video.

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The cutter and rollers are available separately or together, for a slight discount.

Make hardtack simpler - and better! Make your experience better!

Coming soon - another place to get a copy of "Hold My Horse" and support preservation! Stay tuned.

Thanks for looking!