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    Announcing a few upcoming runs:

    1) In conjunction with his new book "For Fatigue Purposes", Pat Brown will be doing a limited run of the Nathan Gale contract coat. More information on my site. This coat was was ordered to be shipped to the Schulkyl Arsenal, where it was inspected and sent to the seat of war. Several unique things about this coat are the hook and eye collar assembly and the post issue added pockets. An early war issue (1862) which will stand in good stead for you living history needs. You can pre order at $225 per coat.

    2) Fred Baker is partnering up with me to offer a special run of "Penitentiary Coats" in time for the Mansfield, LA event. A prototype of the coat will be posted on my site in early January as well as more particulars from Fred along with pricing, a very unique opportunity. Price to be determined as project evolves.

    3) Due to the huge response to the enlisted dress coat in November, the Officer Private Purchase sack coat is now finally underway. I have quite a few names already on the list and those gentlemen come first, however, now is the time to get in on this rare opportunity to get a true first rate garment as only NJ ************ can do. This coat will have all bound edges, a beautiful lay down collar and extra pockets, no two coats will be exactly the same. Cost is $550 per coat.

    Runs now in progress:
    1) Black satin and printed cravats - they come around about once every couple of years, so grab them now. NJ ************ maker.
    2) Enlisted canton drawers - The best are available in your size! NJ ************ maker.
    3) Military vests - You can find one cheaper, but I guarentee you will not find one better. Very limited run. NJ ************ maker.
    4) Type II dippers from John Peterson
    5) New batch of scarves from Delaine Bartsch
    6) NY Depot and early war double bag knapsacks - both on sale.
    7) Lowest price ever on M1861 .69 Storms boxes. Completely hand stitched, custom tins, US plate stamped with WH Smith Brooklyn installed. When this run sells through that will be it for the forseeable future.

    Thanks as always!
    Joseph Hofmann

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    Re: New Runs

    Forgot to add, my apologies:

    Officers sword belt, complete with fancy stitching, custom hardware etc, another fine officer offering as only NJ ************ can do. $360.
    Joseph Hofmann