I'm hoping this is the proper sub-forum to post this to, but I just wanted to plug/give a shout out to Mary Jordan, the author of several comprehensive books, all of which pertain to the 109th NY Volunteers. I stumbled upon her work while doing some research of my own on the 109th (my grandfather and his brother both served in Company D), and was thrilled to finally find such detailed accounts on the regiment. Her latest book, The 109th New York Volunteer Infantry Remembered, is a sequel to Dear Friend Amelia: The Civil War Letters of Private John Tidd and Aunt Becky’s Army Life. Mary Jordan and Joyce Hatch have spent the past 40 years intermittently researching and collecting diaries and other original documents in order to piece together the story of the 109th. If anyone else is interested in New York regiments mustered from the Upstate area, or perhaps another perspective on the Overland Campaign and the Siege of Petersburg, I highly recommend all of her books, as the first hand accounts are incredibly vivid and some even haunting. You can find out some more information on how to purchase the books here.