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Rogue's March

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  • Rogue's March

    Interesting picture of a man being drummed out of camp. Can't make out all of what the sign says, but it appears to be, "THIEF" This man" followed by his name and unit, "Stole money from a wounded friend".

    Appears his head has been shaved, and four men are muskets turned down and back, with a fifth having his bayonet pointed at the offender.
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    Bernard Biederman
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    Re: Rogue's March

    Cool Picture!

    Whats also interesting to me are the dimensions. Looks like a single plate done in a stereo camera 5x8.

    5x8 was a standard size stereo negative with a 4x5 on each side. The photographer could also take off the stereo pair and put on a single lens and do a 5x8 inch full frame plate. I do this all the time and like I said the dimensions really caught my eye since you can see the edges on this one.