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Lt. John Yates Beall C.S.N

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  • Lt. John Yates Beall C.S.N

    HERE ARE SOME LINKS TO JOHN YATES BEALL. Thanks to J.R.W. for getting me to this point.

    He is refered to in some texts as Acting Master, C.S.N
    Beall was sort of a Dime Novel Hero around Richmond during his career.
    From Jefferson Co Va, he joined up out of UVA and became a Capt, in 2 Va. Infantry in '62. A family connection in the C.S. Marines rewarded him the navy position.

    The image is back-marked;

    REES’ Steam Gallery

    Richmond, Va,

    Over West & Johnston’s Bookstore

    145 Main Street.


    A hand written inscription- ''John Yates'' ''Brother''

    An abstract from the Richmond Examiner about his execution can be found at;

    The family pages offer this;
    as well as an image of him said to be taken at the time of his death. There is an additional link at the bottom of the page that gives some details about the capture of the vessels.
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    B. G. Beall (Long Gone)

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    Re John Yates Beall C.S.N

    The last name is pronounced bell
    B. G. Beall (Long Gone)