Since it's inception in 1999, one of the hallmarks of The Authentic Campaigner has been it's reliance on the research of it's members and translating that research into what we do in the field. Over the decades, dedicated historians have traveled all over the country to inspect original artifacts in public and private collections. We have been fortunate enough to catalog a small portion of that work here at the forums from some of the most respected members of our community.

With the advent of social media, it is easier than ever to share findings. The downside of this is that much of this information is buried in mountains of the daily debris of women yelling at cats, what people had for lunch and the latest political controversy. Additionally, many groups who no longer exist have shut down their web sites and article links, photos and years of hard work are lost in internet ether.

One of our core missions at the AC is to provide an archive for the serious living historian to peruse the experience, events and most importantly, the research that has been gathered over the years. We have over one hundred research articles in this folder and that is just the tip of the iceberg when compared to the thousands of threads and photos that have been gathered here over the years.

So, my request today is a simple one. If you have research, submit it to the AC. Not only can it be stored here, but we will share it to the tens of thousands who follow the AC on social media. We are serious about maintaining a solid foundation for research in the Authentic Civil War Hobby. We are marketing the hobby to new people every day. So, rather than have that research gather dust on the shelf, evaporate into the noise of social media or sit on an abandoned server somewhere, post it here for current and future living historians to enjoy and share. We stand on the shoulders of the giants who got this ball rolling. Let's continue that tradition in earnest.