Does anyone have information on what would have been the standard ammunition issue to a unit armed with Spencers, Sharps or Henry Rifles? Since these weapons were not muzzle loaders, the issue of 40 or 60 cartridges would seem insufficient for units armed with these weapons.

The following website had some information:

"So what did the Civil War soldier carry for ammunition if armed with a Henry? Strangely enough there is no mention of rounds issued to those armed with a Henry Repeating Rifle. The government did provide ammunition but the individual soldiers also purchased their own privately. Henry cartridges came packaged either 100 cartridges to the box for the early ammunition and by late 1863 to 1864 the 50 cartridges to the box became more common."

"Most likely Henry owners carried cartridges in multiples of 50 or 100 depending on what ammunition was available. There are reports of Henry armed troops making mentioned that they fired x number of rounds in a particular time frame. Prosper Bowes mentions that he fired 90 rounds non stop in his Henry at a battle in Georgia. Frank Orcutt mentions he fired over 400 rounds at Allatoona Pass. Also we could get an idea of numbers of rounds by looking at what others armed with the Spencer might have carried. For a Spencer 100 to 150 rounds carried seems to be the norm. It is generally accepted that a man armed with a Henry Repeating rifle would have carried an estimate of between 100 to 200 rounds."

Would a soldier on campaign have been able to privately purchase ammunition for his Henry Rifle?

Any information on this subject would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.