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Interest in a Gardner Bullet

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  • Interest in a Gardner Bullet

    Gentlemen, a few months ago I sent the Bullet mold company NOE a original Gardner dropped bullet as well as a Reproduction bullet made by Dean Thomas

    About 15-20 Years ago Dean Thomas (civil war historian and ordnance expert) had built for him a reproduction of the Confederate Gardner machine. he also had a custom nose pour mold made.

    For those that may not be familiar with it, the Gardner had a lead "flange" that as the bullet was formed after casting would cause it to grip the paper that would hold the powder. It was a good idea in theory but the field use showed that it weakened the paper and it would rip where the bullet began spilling powder.

    Fast forward to a year ago while at a Relic show in Richmond I found a example he had made of an unformed and formed bullet made from this mold. As both a Civil war Nut, Relic hunter, Black powder shooter, and Bullet caster, I snagged it up as I had been looking for an example to potentially have a mold made. I Sent in examples a while back and I just got the drawings for it. Unfortunately he could not make the unformed "flanged" version, but a finished bullet mold was rather simple.

    Is there Anyone else interested in possibly getting in on a mold group buy? I have this cross posted on the NSSA and other sites that may be interested. there is only a need for 10 people to be interested to get the ball rolling, an I am one of those 10Click image for larger version

Name:	N.O.E._Bullet_Moulds_.568-570-RF_HB_Sketch.Jpg
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Name:	N.O.E._Bullet_Moulds_568-570-RF_HB.Jpg
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    Daryl Noonan

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    Re: Interest in a Gardner Bullet

    Talk to these guys:
    Cpl. Dustin Saunders
    CO. E Harts Engineers, 3rd Regiment