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  • Great Articles Resource for Beginners

    Our unit, the 33d Wisconsin, recently began the project of bringing a large amount of hard to find content into the electronic world. Many of these articles will be of particular interest to beginners and those of you who are just now making the transition into authentic reenacting.

    The articles can be found here:

    We have many more articles on deck for conversion, including some back-issues of the "The Company Wag!" Keep checking back as we are always adding more content. Also, if you would like to share your own work and research, we would be happy to post it on our site for you.

    Thank you and feel free to respond with feedback, both negative and positive.
    Tad Salyards
    Mpls, MN - 33d Wisconsin

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    Re: Great Articles Resource for Beginners

    Excellent page! I have you bookmarked so I can send people there when the opportunity arises.
    Michael McComas


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      Re: Great Articles Resource for Beginners


      Bully for the 33rd Wisconsin!

      I, for one, am glad to see some of Bob Braun's excellent, and readily understandable articles back online where folks of all stripes can make good use of them. The hobby has had a big hole while these articles, and some significant others, have been missing for far too long.

      Charles Heath
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