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1850 Richardson Boot Pistol

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  • 1850 Richardson Boot Pistol

    I've seen the ads for the 1850 Richardson boot pistol made by Armi-sport and was wondering if anyone has reviewd this item? I was thinnking of getting one but wasnt sure of the authenticity. It appears to be a screw type barrel?
    everett taylor
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    Re: 1850 Richardson Boot Pistol


    I am not familiar with a "Richardson..." however...

    The 1840's and 1850's saw a widespread burst of short single and double barrelled, box lock, percussion pocket (aka boot pistols) made domestically but also imported from Europe.
    The "intent" was to provide an affordable "derringer" type personal defense type pistol easily carried in a coat pocket or the longer barrelled versions in a "boot top" or shoulder holster.
    The rise of revolvers did them in...

    IMHO, I would discount the whole concept for a soldier, but grant the rare possibility a lad may have chosen to tote one "off to War" in 1861 or so.
    Whether these Italain "Richardson's" closely replicate an actual pistol of that era, without further research I would say that it is just a "generic composite" of a single barrelled, box lock, percussion pocket (aka boot pistol) . And while it would make a fun plinker, its application for soldiering is rather limited at best.

    Others' mileage may vary....

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