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Kenosha Civil War Museum is looking for quality impressions for an upcoming film project

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  • Kenosha Civil War Museum is looking for quality impressions for an upcoming film project

    Video Production for Civil War Museum in Kenosha: The Civil War Museum in Kenosha, Wi is making a seven minute, 360 degree, film that will focus on the experience of combat from the point of view of enlisted men. The museum has hired Boston Productions (BPI) to produce the video. BPI has worked with re-enactors to produce many historical dramas including Revolutionary War films for the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, Fort Montgomery in upstate New York and Fort Monmouth in New Jersey, A Civil War Journey for Conner Prairie in Fishers, Indiana.

    BPI views reenactors as partners in these productions. They appreciate that these stories cannot be told without the support of the re-enactor community and they have a great reputation for treating reenactors with respect and treating them well. BPI offers cash payment at the end of each day, great food (breakfast, lunch, and dinner on shoot days), and an area to camp.

    WHEN: June 15th and 16th for large combat scene, with the Friday, Monday and/or Tuesday for those who can stay for close-up work

    Old World Wisconsin at Eagle Wi.

    $100/day for labor and $25/day for expenses (travel, cleaning, uniform, kit, etc)

    IMPRESSIONS: (looking for dual impression or just union or confederate)

    The museum focuses on the role played by the 6 Midwestern states: Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, and Michigan. We encourage reenactors from all of these states, and others, to participate.

    We are looking to portray the common soldier in the war, soldiers that have not seen the elephant, but have seen the daily grind of marching and living in the field. The troops should have a nonspecific federal infantry look- no corps badges or distinctive issue. We are looking for a mixture of forage caps and undressed Hardee hats. Authenticity is of course our desired equipage criteria.

    The confederate impression will follow the same concept as the union; commutation period non geographic. We will try to avoid distinctive issue items and regimental impressions. Troops should look like they have seen service.

    Other Impression Information
    We will be filming a field camp to go along with the battle scenes so be prepared to dress as if on campaign; blanket rolls or knapsacks and the like.

    $100/day for labor and $25/day for expenses (travel, uniform, cleaning, etc.)

    To get involved, contact me at the email address below. Include your name, what impression(s) you can bring with you and the dates you will be available. Once registered you’ll be on a mailing list where you’ll get updates, directions, and all the information you’ll need to participate in this awesome opportunity.

    Steve Acker
    (reenactor since 1987)
    Reenactor Coordinator:
    BPI Productions
    Kenosha Civil War Museum

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    Re: Kenosha Civil War Museum is looking for quality impressions for an upcoming film project

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