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Just Surfaced!...Another RARE Photo of a Mounted Confederate Cavalryman!

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  • Just Surfaced!...Another RARE Photo of a Mounted Confederate Cavalryman!

    Here it is fellas! Posted for the historical world to see for the first time! (I believe) Moreover, something I have not seen in years! A newly surfaced photo of a mounted CS cavalryman! And this one is I.D..'d! Here is the info.....

    John Rice Payne, Co. A, 7th Va. Cavalry (Mountain Rangers)
    BIRTH: 31 Aug 1845, Fauquier County, Virginia, USA
    DEATH: 21 Oct 1914 (aged 69)
    Orlean, Fauquier County, Virginia, USA
    BURIAL: Orlean Cemetery, Orlean, Fauquier County, Virginia, USA

    Residing in Fauquier County, Virginia at the time of enlistment. Enlisted on March 3, 1862 at Orleans, Virginia as a Private in the 7th Virginia Cavalry, Company A, at the age of 16. Received a severe wounded in thigh on August 25, 1864 at Ream's Station, Virginia.

    This photo is posted on his memorial ..."Find A Grave"....

    Although the photo is very grainy and of poor quality here are some notable observations....Perhaps others can add more?

    1. Is this image reversed? Why does it appear that the scabbard is on the right side? Can someone help me here?
    2. The saddle appears to be a McClellan with a crupper and hooded stirrups. Also,....appears to be Yankee saddle bags?, perhaps a rolled oil cloth or poncho on top of it.
    3. He is wearing high top boots but what kind of jacket?

    I am reluctant to guess at the approx period of the war this image was taken without more details.


    Ken R Knopp
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    Re: Just surfaced!...another RARE photo of a mounted Confederate cavalryman...!

    And.....Here is another! I was not aware of this one but it has been published in North South Trader's Price Guide (I believe), Gary Hendershott's Relic site and perhaps elsewhere....This photo (and the previous one) was sent to me courtesy of James Marshall. Thank you James!

    George Julian Pratt served initially with the 59th Virginia Infantry, enlisting on July 15, 1861. After being captured at Roanoke Island and subsequently exchanged he jointed the 18th Va. Cavalry, Co. H, Imboden’s Brigade in 1862. As a Lieutenant,, he participated in action at Gettysburg where he was praised by Gen. Imboden as well as New Market, Piedmont and other cavalry battles and skirmishes. Pratt was later promoted to Captain and severely wounded in the thigh on Sept. 19, 1864 during the fighting at Third Winchester where he had three horses shot from under him.
    After the war Pratt married Mary E. Brown and settled on his farm “Walnut Grove” in South River Township, Augusta County, Va. where he raised and bred livestock. He died at Waynesboro, Va. on Christmas Day, 1924.

    The family obviously kept great care of his belongings….his uniform coat pictured is the same one in the photograph. It survives, as does a yellow cavalry kepi. I enclose some additional photos related to Lt/Capt. Pratt. One is of Capt Pratt's farm and the other mounted image of Pratt in the saddle after the war.

    His horse equipments (saddle, martingale, bit and bridle) are clearly not military issue. The saddle is a pre-war civilian pattern and appears to be either a Spring Seat, Somerset pattern or perhaps a late period "American" pattern. Each pattern would be exemplified by the pommel and long tapered skirts but the exact determination is difficult under the best of circumstances. The stirrups are a bit difficult to see and perhaps perplexing....They may simply be hooded wood stirrups obscured by the poor image quality but they appear to be the large, wide, open, bent wood type not typically seen until the later 19th century.....Anyway, I cannot be sure.

    In any event,....another great image surfaces....exemplary in their rarity and also identified!! Amazing!

    Ken R Knopp
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      Re: Just surfaced!...another RARE photo of a mounted Confederate cavalryman...!

      Thank you so much for these two gems. I enjoyed both of them very much and was especially excited to see a member of Gen Imboden's unit as he would have been right there at the river in Williamsport where Lee's army made it's retreat from G'burg. After the visit last year, what a treat it is to see the "resurrection" of a picture of one of the men there.

      Thanks again,
      J. Mark Choate
      7th TN. Cavalry, Co. D.

      "Let history dictate our impressions.......not the other way around!"


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        Re: Just Surfaced!...Another RARE Photo of a Mounted Confederate Cavalryman...!

        In the first picture, does it appear he has a breast strap that is sitting very low across the front of the horse? Can't tell if it is a surcingle used as a breast strap. If it is, it is going across the horses shoulder and certainly not across his breast. Great photos though. Not sure, but could that be a revolver butt sticking forward just about the hilt of the saber. Also, if that is a cravat he has on, that certainly is a dandy of a cravat.
        Rob Bruno
        1st MD Cav


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          Re: Just Surfaced!...Another RARE Photo of a Mounted Confederate Cavalryman!

          I tried to add an image, not sure if it is going to work or not.
          If so, I worked it a bit so we can see a little more detail and yes it shows a makeshift breast collar, crupper and I do not think the image is reversed since the saber is in the right hand and left hand on the reins.Click image for larger version

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          Michael Bad Hand