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Event Posting Requirements

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  • Event Posting Requirements


    The Authentic Campaigner is a trusted source for authentic events and while we want to encourage the organization of quality EBUFU events, we must also maintain a consistent standard for every event. EVERY event posted must contain the following information to be approved by the AC Staff. All event postings are subject to requests for more information or deletion if we feel that the event does not meet the high standard that has been set here. We look forward to future authentic events. Let's keep those standards high:


    Event Organizers Post Their Own Announcements - This means that only the lead organizer or a person designated by the organizer may post announcements. If you want a separate folder for an event, please contact Eric Tipton by sending him a Private Message. If you're not an official event organizer, your announcement will be removed.

    EBUFU Event Criteria - In the Event Folders:

    1) Date/Location
    2) Identified unit impression
    3) Impression guidelines based on historic data
    4) Established organization, structure and reasonable goals for numbers
    5) Activities outside the event standard schedule which add value to the event
    6) Traditional EBUFU activities : rations, guard, drill, some level of immersion, overnight picket, short march and et cetera.
    7) Website, Email List, FB page, etcAcceptance/Disapproval:

    When an event does not meet these criteria, constructive feedback will be sent to the person who submitted the request. Our objective is to ensure that the AC community has some level of assurance that events promoted here will conform to a common set of minimum expectations.
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