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Vicksburg Preservation March -- May 19-24, 2020

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  • Vicksburg Preservation March -- May 19-24, 2020

    Join the Trans-Miss Hellcats as we retrace the steps of one of the most iconic campaigns in American history!! Preservation being our focus, the Hellcats will follow in the footsteps of the 42nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry through Maj. Gen. Ulysses S. Grants' Vicksburg Campaign from Bruinsburg to the "Gibraltar of the Confederacy."

    The march route for this effort has been meticulously researched and multiple publications follow Grant's Army of the Tennessee from Bruinsburg to Vicksburg. Over the years, countless authorities on the subject have studied the armies' every move across the state of Mississippi. For this effort, participants will have an opportunity of a lifetime.

    Beginning on Tuesday, May 19, our column will set out from the historic Windsor Ruins. We will follow in the footsteps of the 42nd O.V.I. from there down the original Rodney Road to the battlefield at Port Gibson. Following the completion of this first crucial portion of the march, participants will receive an opportunity to check out the town that Grant declared "too beautiful to burn."

    Wednesday, May 20, we will set out for the next major location of the campaign. Utilizing the Natchez Trace as our guide, we will set forth for Raymond. We expect to complete this portion by Thursday evening and will be camped along Artillery Ridge at the Raymond Military Park. This particular stop along our route will offer an opportunity for folks who are unable to take the full six days to jump in at the "mid-way point."

    Friday and Saturday, May 22-23, we will traverse the infamous Crossroads at Champion Hill and catch a glimpse of the remnants of the bridge that once stood over Big Black River. The finale of the event will be a march into Vicksburg National Military Park on Sunday morning. Once there, we will go directly to the South Loop and man the original trenches dug by the men of the 42nd Ohio immediately across from the Confederate Fort Garrott. The event will conclude no later than 2 p.m. that Sunday.

    We hope you will join us for the experience of a lifetime! To see what your registration dollars will go towards, click on the "About" tab above and check out what we are aiming to preserve for generations to come!
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    Most respectfully yours,

    Sam Galyon
    Trans-Miss Hellcats

    "Like True Badgers" -- 4th Wisconsin @ 155th Port Hudson

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    Re: Vicksburg Preservation March -- May 19-24, 2020

    This could possible be one of the best events proposed since BGR. Good luck pard!!
    Nathan Hellwig
    AKA Harrison "Holler" Holloway
    "It was the Union armies west of the Appalachians that struck the death knell of the Confederacy." Leslie Anders ,Preface, The Twenty-First Missouri