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Vicksburg Preservation March -- **UPDATE**

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  • Vicksburg Preservation March -- **UPDATE**

    This post serves to give folks an update on the status of the event and what participants can expect during the march. Details of the march route have been provided!!

    I apologize for my absence on this page for the past few weeks. Now that the fire has been re-kindled in me and my grandfathers' prognosis looks optimal, I am ready to get back in the game.
    Let me start with some exciting developments that have been secured for this effort since I last posted. First, for those that attended the Independent Rifles "Valley of Death" event, you will be excited to learn that Douglas Watkins has graciously agreed to provide the rations and correct crates for this effort. We will be working closely to provide the closest experience we can.
    Secondly, Hunter Kramer has graciously volunteered to head up a wagon to carry your rations, cooking utensils, and implements.
    Lastly, Brian DesRochers of the Independent Rifles has graciously offered to lead the second company for this effort.
    The companies will be capped at 30 men, each and registration for those companies are open NOW!! We have decided to allow "early registration" to continue through to February 1, 2019. That means registration will be $100 per participant until February 1, 2019. It will then increase to $150 per participant.
    Check out the event overview and we will have more information to post shortly!!

    Vicksburg Preservation March Event Proposal – May 18-24, 2020 Date: May 18-24, 2020

    Time: Event goes “live” early Monday morning, May 18. Event concludes no later than 2:00 p.m. on Sunday afternoon, May 24.

    The focus of this effort is set on providing an opportunity for preservation at key sites related to the Vicksburg Campaign. Our efforts will focus on preserving the Thompson’s Hill portion of the Port Gibson battlefield and donating a portion of the preservation proceeds to the Rodney Presbyterian Church Preservation effort. The march provides a means of gaining increased interest and donations for the cause of preservation and the Vicksburg Campaign. Our goal for this preservation effort is set at $6,000; with $5,000 earmarked for the Port Gibson Battlefield Trust and to be earmarked exclusively for the Thompson’s Hill property and $1,000 earmarked for the Rodney Presbyterian Church Preservation.

    Unit Designation/Participants:
    The unit designation chosen for this effort will be the 42nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry. We are currently limiting this effort to 60 total participants separated into two companies; one raised by the Trans-Miss Hellcats and led by Sam Galyon (color company) and the second to be raised by the Independent Rifles and led by Brian DesRochers. Should public interest increase to warrant the raising of a third company, we will consider the option of allowing another company to be raised. Companies will be capped at 30 men, each. There will also be one wagon attached to the column to transport rations, tools, and medical supplies. Two embedded reporters will be attached to the column to acquire images while the event is in progress.

    Throughout the day on Sunday, May 17, and into the early morning hours of Monday, May 18, attendees will be shuttled to the Windsor Ruins site near Bruinsburg, Mississippi. From that location on Monday, May 18, the column will begin the march towards Port Gibson. The column will first complete a 2.5 mile march to Bethel Presbyterian Church, making it our first rest stop on the way to Port Gibson. From there, we will take the Russum Westside Road (Old Rodney Road) to the Shaifer House property; covering 8.1 miles. This will be our second major rest stop on the way to Port Gibson. By 2020, the Vicksburg National Military Park expects to have custodial rights to the Shaifer property. We will hold a brief program for the park at the site while we rest there. We will continue into Port Gibson utilizing the Shaifer Road and Bessie Weathers Road to Collina Plantation; a march of 4.9 miles. We will camp on the property for the night. Total march mileage for the first day will be 15.5 miles.
    Early on the morning of Tuesday, May 19, we will begin the next leg of our march. Our focus for the day will be Natchez Trace Parkway property between Reganton and Cayuga. We will leave Port Gibson via Farmer Street from Collina Plantation for Orange Street. We will make a right onto Orange Street and then left onto Church Street (U.S. 61). Once across Bayou Pierre, we will turn right onto Mississippi 18. At the first turn onto the Natchez Trace Parkway, we will march up the ramp and begin our route north toward Rocky Springs Trail. This will be our next major rest stop along the route and is the location where McClernands’ Corp camped along the route to Raymond. Utilizing the wide roadside on the Trace, it will keep the column safe from vehicles and keep us on the historic path that Grant’s army took to Raymond. Total march mileage for the second day will be 21.5 miles.
    The third day will be similar in mileage to the previous day. Early on the morning of Wednesday, May 20, the column will set out for Raymond Military Park from the Natchez Trace Property. Continuing down the Natchez Trace Parkway, we will disembark from the Natchez Trace at its intersection with the Old Port Gibson Road at 8.3 miles southwest of our camping location. The total distance of the march into the Raymond Military Park that day will be 20.4 miles.
    The fourth day of the event, Thursday, May 21, will be a day of rest for the column. We will camp on the battlefield of Raymond, MS. This will allow participants a chance to rest, gather themselves, and we will include a special scenario for those that participate with us up to this point. It will also allow those that have started with us from the beginning to check in with their families, if they must. Those individuals who are unable to join us when we leave Bruinsburg, this will be their opportunity to jump on at the “midway point” with the rest of the column to finish the march into Vicksburg National Military Park. We have graciously received access to property adjacent to the Raymond Military Park to allow participants to leave their vehicles and join us through Champion Hill, Big Black River Bridge, and into Vicksburg.
    The fifth day of our journey, Friday, May 22, will follow the footsteps of the 42nd OVI to the battlefield of Champion Hill. We will march down the Old Port Gibson Road, through downtown Raymond, and head northeast along MS-467 to the Coker House property. The total miles for the march on this day will be 11.3 miles. We will camp at the Coker House property, where General Grant rested after the victory at Champion Hill was achieved. It was also used as a field hospital following the engagement. The Vicksburg National Military Park expects to have this property included under their care by the time of the event, as well. This camping location is already secured; however, we are working closely with Sid Champion to secure access to the “Hill of Death” on his private property to allow for an even more impressive campsite that will bring us closer to the story of the 42nd OVI.
    The sixth day of the event, Saturday, May 23, the column will leave the Champion Hill battlefield for the Big Black River Bridge battlefield. Private property along the battlefield has been secured for camping that night. We will march northeast along MS-467, through downtown Edwards, and turn eastward along Old U.S. 80. The total mileage for the day will be 9.5 miles.
    The final day of the event, Sunday May 24, the column will conclude the event by marching into Vicksburg National Military Park. The total number of miles from Big Black River Bridge to the spot on the line where the 42nd OVI was posted is located on the South Loop and is roughly 9.9 miles. For those willing to participate, we will have a 4-hour program for the Vicksburg NPS at the location of the 42nd OVI’s works. This will be an opportunity for guys to man the original works and rest before making their way home. Those who are not interested in
    partaking in this effort are welcome to begin departing for home; though we would appreciate it if you would stay for a few hours to assist the Vicksburg National Military Park program. Event will conclude officially by 2:00 p.m.

    Attendees who are able to participate from the onset of the event will park their vehicles at Vicksburg National Military Park and will be shuttled down to the Windsor Ruins site throughout the day on Sunday, May 17, and the early morning hours of Monday, May 18. Those who are unable to join the column until the mid-way point at Raymond will be able to park their vehicles at the property of Mr. & Mrs. Holcombe, which sits astride the Raymond Battlefield Park. Transportation back to their vehicles will be provided at the conclusion of the park program at the Vicksburg National Military Park on Sunday, May 24.

    Chase Vehicles:
    A total of three chase vehicles have been secured for this effort. These vehicles will serve to keep pedestrian vehicles aware of the column as we march down portions of the march route more heavily populated by vehicular traffic. They will also carry emergency medical equipment and provide transportation for participants unable to finish portions of the march to the next campsite.

    Expectations of Participants:
    For this effort, we will have the highest of expectations for participants in the manner of their kits, disposition on the march, and attempting to submerse ourselves in the actions of the 42nd OVI during the Vicksburg Campaign. Individual impressions are expected to be made of the best quality as possible. Enlisted men in the column should expect to be submersed in military protocols throughout the week. That includes wood details, picket duty, water details, etc. when we break into camp. We will utilize every opportunity available to us to allow participants to catch a glimpse of a column on the march from the banks of the Mississippi and back felt in the summer of 1863 with General Grant.

    Rations will be simple for this effort and to keep with what is recorded in the regimental history of the 42nd OVI. Participants will be issued pork, coffee, and hardtack at the onset of the event and will receive a second issue during the rest day at Raymond on Thursday, May 21. Water will be stationed at each respective campsite, at least one portable jug will be stowed in a chase vehicle with emergency water bottles, as well.

    Contact Information:
    Please feel free to reach me via call, text, or email anytime. I am also open to conference calls, as needed. I have included my email address and phone number below:

    Sam Galyon
    (214) 592-3105
    Jordan Harrell
    (225) 262-9601
    Nathan Friday
    (601) 906-2273
    Most respectfully yours,

    Sam Galyon
    Trans-Miss Hellcats

    "Like True Badgers" -- 4th Wisconsin @ 155th Port Hudson