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Guidelines for 49th Tennessee and First Group Buy Announced!

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  • Guidelines for 49th Tennessee and First Group Buy Announced!

    Getting these guidelines together really hit a snag on my end trying to track down images of men from the 49th and having a way better crew investigate the weapons they were carrying at the time. Thanks to Jerry Ross, Justin Morris, Craig Schneider and Herb Coats for helping me knock this research out. Registration links will be posted after Blakeley. Please see the guidelines and the First Group buy information below! A separate post will be made about tentage.

    Coats – jean, cassimere, satinette construction with hand sewn details where appropriate. Natural colors- no blue jackets.
    1. Frock coats
    2. Non descript Military shell jackets
    3. Civilian pattern sack coats

    Pants – jean, cassimere, satinette construction with hand sewn buttonholes at a minimum. Must be Gray, Tan or Brown in color. No blue, no plaid, no check. Enlisted participants must have a 1.25-1.5 black stripe down both outer seams of your trousers.
    1. Civilian pattern
    2. Military pattern
    3. NO federal sky blue trousers will be allowed.
    1. Civilian pattern shoes
    2. Infantry boots
    1. Civilian slouch hat
    2. CS kepi
    3. CS forage cap
    4. NO shapeless hillbilly hat blanks, US forage caps, US dress hats, wheel hats, hat brass.
    1. Civilian pattern shirt, of proper printed or homespun fabric
    2. Drawers – Canton flannel or cotton muslin / osnaburg of military or civilian pattern
    Socks – Knit wool or cotton of appropriate construction. NO elastic or rag wool socks


    Cartridge Boxes
    1. CS issue boxes- Appropriate Style include Morrow and Sons (Nashville) or Horter, Magee and George.
    2. Unmarked early war Confederate Box
    3. As a last result- remove plates from your US Box
    Cap pouches
    1. CS issue cap pouches – same as cartridge boxes
    2. US 1850 pattern pouch
    Bayonet scabbards
    1. CS issue
    Haversacks – Documented Confederate issue haversack of painted or unpainted cloth. No federal haversacks.
    1. CS tin drum
    2. Documented pattern wooden drum canteen
    1. Mexican war
    2. CS single bag
    3. Militia hard packs
    Long arms
    1. Prewar model civilian rifles
    2. Flintlocks
    3. 1816 Conversions
    4. 1853 Enfield
    5. 1842 Springfield
    6. 1854 Lorenz
    7. Mississippi Rifle
    1. Civilian coverlets or 2-piece blankets
    2. CS issue blankets

    Alright! Now on to the gear!

    Find early war Western boxes has been pretty limited. After a conversation with Brian Merrick with Merrick’s Custom Leather he came up with two great options

    Two cartridge box options:

    Box 1 will be a copy of the John Morrow and Sons box from Nashville. These are a copy of the 1857 .69 US box, with some slight changes. They will be $215 plus he has an option of $65 for the buff sling dyed black like the original.

    Box 2 is a box copied off of one picked up from the Shiloh battlefield and is a .58 box worn on the belt. These are $205

    Speedy has agreed to make 10 of each.
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