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    Alright boys, hereís the info! Lots of words and a fairly long post!

    The Address for Registration is:
    1101 Dover Road
    Clarksville, TN 37042

    Emergency Contacts:
    Justin Morris (615)417-9189
    Baker Watkins (615)926-3537

    Registration Hours:
    Thursday from 12:00 pm- 8:00 pm
    Friday from 10:00 am-8:00 pm

    Drivers can unload and register. Get your kit on and then drivers only will be hauled to the parking lot and brought back to registration. Once everyone is registered, bought your items from the vendors, visited the business gracious enough to let us invade their parking lot, you will load your tentage and baggage on the hay hauler and march back to camp. Carry what you can haul in on your back, itís not far.

    Every man needs to show up with a full canteen and a clean rifle! Your kit is going to be inspected at registration. If you have items you are worried about- now is the time to ask. I have haversacks, canteens, hats, shirts and accoutrements I can loan out. Do not send me a message the week of, look at your stuff and ask now.

    We will go live on Friday mid afternoon. That means no modern items in camp, military schedule etc. When the order is given for lights out, get some rest. Saturday starts very early.

    Thursday can be used as a day to arrive early and begin on the construction of your huts. Once you arrive in camp you will need to report to your officer or NCO in command. They will have information from the engineering officer for assignments and from Regimental Headquarters that need to be taken care of as you take a step back into what weíve worked hard on.

    Your rations are going to be based on surviving accounts. Your company has assigned cooks. The success of these items depends on the knowledge of your boys, having served that roll before I suggest buying them a drink from the Sutler when the day is done! Itís hard work!

    As a bonus and thanks to Brad Willingham and Tim Arnold, we have secured 5 sibley tents which will permit housing for each company that has not indicated bringing a sibley themselves. Each company can bring one common tent to house your NCOs.

    You will have straw available for bedding so please bring a tick if you have one. Understand that everything you see from stacked wood to straw to hay etc is accounted for by the AQM and will be issued to you. Do not freely grab firewood. Part of your fatigue details will be gathering firewood to resupply camp. Bring axes, saws, shovels, mauls etc.

    Guys thank you from the absolute bottom of my heart for the hard dedication to this event, with the overwhelming amount of kit questions, expense everyone has taken on to improve, work on manuals, research into proper construction of quarters and even travel expense. We have guys coming from California to upstate New York and itís extremely humbling and truly a debt I will never be able to repay. When this event started it was just a park program that morphed into something much larger and Iím excited for the future possibilities of all of the people that are coming out for the first time with the Independent Rifles or the returning cast of characters that are bringing more people along. Itís actions such as those that really make the effort worth it and make me excited for future events.
    Patrick Landrum
    Independent Rifles