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Rosecrans' Pursuit - A Message From The Organizers

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  • Rosecrans' Pursuit - A Message From The Organizers

    I trust everyone is having as good a summer they can in light of current events. On behalf of the organizers, I wanted to pass an update.

    Rosecrans’ Pursuit is a go, so rest assured we are planning and getting things in order! Though we are still fourteen months out, there is much to do and a lot of preparation ahead of us, and there are a few things you can do to get ready:

    1. Tell your pards! Sign up on the FB page for the event, as well as both the Federal and CS efforts. Further, there are pages for US Cav and artillery. These are invitation only, but if you have interest there is plenty of time to get in touch with people.
    2. If you are a unit commander, recruit, recruit, recruit. We want quality participants who are ready to work hard.
    3. Improve your impressions. Little changes lead to big gains. You have plenty of time to get your kit in order! Don’t be intimidated; we are here to assist people so ask questions!
    4. Read about the campaigns ahead of Chickamauga as well as journal and diaries of respective participants.
    5. Get in shape! As with all of our events, this event will be held in any and all conditions. Further, movements covering challenging terrain during a potentially hot part of the year will be executed as close as possible to the original timelines. As we saw at Silent Machines, the weather plays no favorites! And if you missed that event, well, it was another example of why we are all working together to produce the best experience anywhere at any time. Come prepared.
    6. Attend other quality events in the interim like Winter Quarters, Blakeley, Last Letter Home, Die Neuner, and any number of quality events hosted by units like the Liberty Rifles or Independent Rifles or other units in your area (SCAR, AG; the list continues). Any time you can get in the field, drill, talk about material culture, and hang with your pards is time well spent.

    This is going to be THE event for our side of the hobby on a scale that hasn’t been seen in a long time. Fully immersive, 24-hour scenarios along the actual timelines of the campaign, on the original ground, complete with opposition and picket duty? Absolutely!!

    We are excited to host this; we hope you will join us!

    Lead from the front!


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