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Rosecrans' Pursuit - Registration Preamble

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  • Rosecrans' Pursuit - Registration Preamble

    Registration is going live tomorrow night. Before you press “submit” and get on the rosters for your favorite units, a few words of caution:

    1) This is NOT a tactical. There is no freedom for action here and if you think you are coming to play cowboys and Indians you are sadly mistaken. It will be held on rugged terrain in potentially hot conditions. Prepare your fitness and ability ahead of time.

    2) Be prepared to show up and work as a Civil War soldier for the weekend. The event goes live on Friday afternoon. Plan accordingly.

    3) Show up with a CLEAN rifle musket or don't show up at all. No excuse for a dirty musket.

    4) Study your respective side’s School of the Soldier prior to the event.

    5) Be mindful of your actions! This is private land and a lot of trust has been put in us. Obey all of the posted speed limits in the vicinity of the event and be respectful and behave appropriately, as we are guests.

    6) Follow the uniform guidelines (these are non-negotiable), and make sure your kit is squared away…you have plenty of time to make adjustments. Group buys will help in many ways and, while you don’t have to upgrade your kit all at once, a better shirt or even a canteen stopper will go a long way. Small improvements lead to big gains.

    7) DO NOT SHOW UP WITH AN EMPTY HAVERSACK for your meal on Friday evening. Food will be issued for the weekend, but you will have to cook a period meal on Friday evening. This means no spiral hams, waxed apples, beef jerky, out of season produce, Subway subs or other karma blowing crap., etc.

    8) ARRIVE NO LATER THAN FRIDAY AFTERNOON! SHOW UP ON TIME - There is no shuttle! Don't screw around with this one. Get there on time.

    9) Please leave cell phones and cameras in cars. There are a few people designated ahead of time to discreetly take photos and video of the event. If you aren't one of them, please be sure to leave those items in your vehicle.

    10) Modern Tobacco (cigarettes, modern packaging, etc.) will not be tolerated.

    11) Modern Haircuts - No mohawks, ponytails, hair down to your ass, World War 2 cuts, neon green hair, etc., etc. Pretty simple.

    12) Don't bring any modern eyewear. Period frames or contacts is IT.

    13) Do not bring any sort of tent fly or tent unless its your shelter half.

    14) Do not bring any mess gear other than your personal mess items that you keep in your haversack. Each Company will have a box marked with your company number containing mess equipment, for which your sergeants will be responsible.

    15) In general, no Modern Anachronisms will be tolerated. You'll be asked to put them away, or leave the event. (obviously medical stuff is not included in that, medicines etc but they must be discreetly kept).

    16) You steal, you're never welcome back.

    17) No illegal drugs. If you do them and are caught you are banished from every event on this side of the hobby. Forever. Seriously. This isn’t the place for that shit.

    18) Don't wander off, don't leave camp, don't fourteen of you stay behind to look after a straggler. We're not gonna find you on 1,000 acres, and we've got medical emergencies covered.

    19) NO MODERN POLITICS TALK - we repeat: NO MODERN POLITICS. And that includes no covid talk, no social distancing talk, no monument talk, no protest talk, no modern "BS that we're all trying to get away from for a weekend" talk.

    20) While this is not a 1st Person event we believe if an event is done right, there shouldn't be a desire or need to talk about anything modern. We hope to accomplish that with this event, but as such, we'd ask that you avoid talking about football, etc. and respect folks that may be doing 1st Person stuff with their buddies. If someone approaches you in first person, just roll with it.

    21) Get in shape. We know we harp on weight and appearance as part of the participation standards. While we all can’t be 26-years-old, 5’ 9”, and 145 pounds (the average of a Civil War soldier) we can and should strive to look the best we can. Your health is important and you need to be ready for this event. Lose weight, improve your impression, and be better suited to handle what comes your way. Start training now. A year is plenty of time to shed some serious weight.

    22) Taking all of this into account, we trust this is an event you are interested in attending because you WANT to portray Civil War soldiers. We put a lot of work into this and your participation should meet the expectations, If you don’t feel that you can do so, perhaps this isn’t for you.

    THANKS!!!!! We can't wait to get out there with everyone!
    Ivan Ingraham
    AC Moderator