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  • Reflection

    I trust everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I have been enjoying some fabulous fall weather and am outside sipping a beer as I type this.

    Being as Thanksgiving is a time for reflection, this installment is not going to have all the links and numbers we are looking to attain. You know them all by now and how they apply to your respective organizations. Now it is time for you, as leaders, to push your people and friends to get registered and start preparing for the event.

    Think we still have a lot of time? Putting it in perspective, when we announced this event we had 18 months to go and people were super excited about it. As with all things virtual, that lasted as long as it took for another post to supersede it.

    We are closing in on nine months from the start and the event organizers still have a lot to do. So, we need people to register so that we have an operating budget to make the event of 2021 happen the way we envision it.

    Further, people don’t have to do anything more than show up since we are professional planners and have a long track record of successful endeavors within the Civil War hobby. Yes, I am touting expertise here, and I know many of you have organized some pretty heady events of your own, so this is not meant as an insult in any way. Point is, if people want to reenact the Civil War and REALLY portray it, this event is going to allow for things to happen on a scale that hasn’t been seen in a long time.

    The event will feature horses, wagons, artillery, opposition, be held on the original ground in near real-time for the actual events as it happened, and the two side are led by some amazing people—not individuals, but command teams. Just look at the registration list!

    I have been reenacting since 1988. You read that right. I got to witness the 125th events and almost everything subsequent to that as the hobby progressed. In some ways it is better than it has ever been, and in some ways it is exactly the same. I won’t wax poetic on the good ol’ days, but there is something to be said for the sheer scale that is no longer possible (that also didn’t always equate to more authentic, either). I thought about that on my run through Queens Creek in Williamsburg, VA, and how there are still so many events and vignettes I want to capture. I thought about an entire Federal regiment marching at the event and the CS forces arrayed against them and how visually amazing that is going to be, but it will only be so if you get the numbers. And man, do I miss the unit newsletter sometimes!

    Please, get out there and get the units filled out. It takes no time and $40 is less than a bar tab.
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    Ivan Ingraham
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    Re: Reflection

    All signed up and ready to go
    Pvt. Brandon Wheelz
    Ford Independent Company,
    2nd Colorado Volunteers.