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Sumner Grays Prepare For War - April 28-30, 2023

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  • Sumner Grays Prepare For War - April 28-30, 2023

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    From the Event Facebook Group: "On May 1st, 1861, The Sumner Grays would muster into service for the State of Tennessee in Castalian Springs, Tennessee. They would go on the become Company K of the 2nd Tennessee Infantry. On April 28th-30th, 2023, we will be portraying the Sumner Grays at Bledsoe's Fort Historical Park in Castalian Springs."

    From Kyle Bowling: "Registration for this event will drop on June 1st, and will run until April 1st, 2023. The cost of registration will be $15. That money will go towards buying rations for the Militia, as well as helping to buy food for civilians. Any remaining funds will go to Bledsoe Fort as a donation. When you register, you are agreeing to follow the authentic guidelines and standards that we have set forth, as well as being respectful of the site."


    EVENT GUIDELINES (From Kyle Bowling in the Facebook Group):

    • Preferred - Civilian Frocks, Paletots, and Sack Coats made out of period correct materials, Civilian Overshirts.
    • Not Acceptable - Confederate issued coats or jackets.
    • Preferred - Civilian pattern made out of period correct materials
    • Accepted - Jean cloth trousers
    • Not Acceptable - Federal Issue Trousers
    • Preferred - Civilian Pattern
    • Not acceptable - US or CS style “Issue” shirts.
    • Preferred - Civilian Style Shoes/Boots
    • Discouraged but Accepted - Confederate/Federal Issue
    • Not Acceptable - Modern footwear of any kind.
    • Preferred - Civilian hats
    • Not Acceptable - Any type of Confederate or Federal Headgear
    • Preferred - CS Tin Drum or civilian devices for carrying liquids
    • Accepted - Wooden canteens
    • Not Acceptable - Union issue canteens
    • Preferred - Plain white, cotton ticking, any non-military or civilian style bags.
    • Not Allowed - Union haversacks.
    • Preferred - Frame buckles, forked tongue buckles and roller style buckles.
    • Preferred - Morrow & Sons Cartridge Box, white militia webbing/leather gear. civilian shot bags and powder horns
    • Accepted - Pre War 58 caliber or .69 caliber cartridge
    • Not Acceptable - Any kind of Union leather equipment
    • Preferred - Any prewar military flintlocks or conversions, 1842 Springfield shotguns, and civilian rifles in either flintlock or percussion
    • Not allowed - 1853 Enfield,1855 Springfield Rifled-Musket, 1854 Lorenz, 1861/62 Springfield Rifled-Musket, "Zouave" Rifles
    • Preferred - Civilian coverlets and wool blankets
    • Not allowed - US issued blankets
    • Preferred - Mexican War or Militia Style.
    • Allowed - Blanket Roll
    From Kyle: "If we did a run of 2nd Tennessee Over Shirts, who would be interested in purchasing one if we do a group buy? Click Here to Join the Event Facebook Group.

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    Posted By Kyle Bowling

    Just to give y'all a brief history of the Sumner Grays and the 2nd Tennessee Infantry leading up to the mustering of the regiment in Nashville on May 6 1861, we have start with future Confederate General William B Bate. Bate was born in 1826 in Castalian Springs, Tenn. Prior to the war, the Castalian Springs native had served a lawyer, state legislator, Mexican War Vet, and newspaper publisher. During the election of 1860 Bate had served as a Democratic Elector for John C Breckinridge. After Southern States began to secede, Bate began to advocate for Tennessee to secede as well.

    As early as the autumn of 1860, volunteer militia companies organized and conducted regular drills at Castalian Springs. One was known as the Bledsoe Troopers, a cavalry company commanded by Captain Humphrey Bate, the brother of William Bate. It received arms and accoutrements from the state on December 17, 1860.

    William Bate would be in Montgomery on February 18 for the Inauguration of President Jefferson Davis. While there he offered three volunteer cavalry companies of Sumner Countians to serve the Confederacy. Although he was advised that cavalry troops were not wanted, Bate was told that infantry units would be welcomed. He returned to share the disappointment with the volunteers. Following the surrender of Fort Sumter, Bate back to Montgomery. This time he offered volunteer infantry companies as his cavalry volunteers had given up their swords and mounts, wanting action any way they could get it. They were welcomed.

    On May 3 William B. Bate brought three Sumner volunteer companies to Nashville, ready for the Confederate service. Bate himself was Captain of the Sumner Legion, 104 men raised at Gallatin; Humphrey Bate was Captain of the Sumner Grays, 85 men enrolled at Castalian Springs; and D.G. Goodall was Captain of the Hart Gaurds, 125 men mustered at Hartsville.

    Before leaving their neighborhood, the Sumner Grays had received a company flag, presented by Miss Alice Winchester, granddaughter of General James Winchester of Cragfont. When the three companies(Walker’s Legion) gathered at Gallatin to take the evening train to Nashville, Fannie Trousdale, daughter of Governor William Trousdale, presented a silk flag to the troops. The presentation was made from the stone steps in front of a building that stood on the southeast side of the public square. The occasion was “a day long to be remembered, and perhaps the largest crowd of native Sumner Countians ever gathered together” was on hand to cheer the volunteers...” Following their acceptance into Confederate service, Walkers Legion would be mustered into state service in Nashville on May 6, 1861 along with other companies to form the 2nd Tennessee Infantry.
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