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  • Events folder poll results

    I thank all of you who either voted in the polls or made comments regarding the new look of the events folder. The polls have been up for a month and the results were as follows;

    When asked what was your preferred source for event information, you said;

    Website, 38 votes or 68%
    Email, 3 votes or 5%
    Forums, 11 votes or 20%
    Listserver, 3 votes or 5%
    Other, 1 vote or 2%

    When asked how you rated the event announcement posts in the folder, you said;

    Liked it, 21 votes or 66%
    More discussion wanted, 10 votes or 31%
    Old way preferred, 1 vote or 3%

    A breakdown of views in each folder as of 1/29/04:

    Fort Gaines 2218
    Mansfield 1731
    Burkittsville 87
    Pickett's Mill 2819
    Into the Wilderness 1650
    Reams Station 1184

    Unless the other moderators have a problem with the way things are going in the event folders, I think we will keep the listings the way they are. Civil discussions/questions are encouraged both before and after the event. Individual attacks on events or the event organizers will not be tolerated. People are encouraged to point out negative aspects of any event, provided it is constructive and from an actual attendee of the event. One way of putting on better events is learning from those who have done so and are willing to share their experiences.

    I hope you find these folders informative and useful.
    Mike "Dusty" Chapman

    Member: CWT, CVBT, NTHP, MOC, KBA, Stonewall Jackson House, Mosby Heritage Foundation

    "I would have posted this on the preservation folder, but nobody reads that!" - Christopher Daley

    The AC was not started with the beginner in mind. - Jim Kindred