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  • New Old Theater Company at TGW

    THROUGH July 17, 2004



    ONE NIGHT ONLY! JULY 17, 2004
    Tired of the glaring lights and daunting special effects of today’s theatre? Take a trip back in time to experience an authentic early nineteenth century play as it would have been performed by a traveling theatre troupe in young America.
    The New Old Theater will present Douglas Jerrold's celebrated nautical drama of 1829, Black Eyed Susan. The play will be performed with accurate acting style for the period, and with authentic costuming. There will be live musical accompaniment, Audience participation will be encouraged, although good behavior will be rigidly enforced.
    Attending the theatre in the early 1800's was quite a different experience from today. The New Old Theatre’s premier production, Black Eyed Susan, belonged to the popular genre now called Melodrama, literally, it is "a drama with music." When a wicked uncle threatens to foreclose on the heroine's lodging, her brave sailor husband comes home from the sea to her rescue in the nick of time. The play also features deceitful henchmen, a comic neighbor, devious smugglers, the hero’s shipmates, and an ill-behaved ship’s captain. An unfortunate incident precipitates the court martial of our hero, which is resolved by a timely reprieve and a celebratory finale. Drama and comedy, schemes and skullduggery, nautical songs and period dance all combine to make Black Eyed Susan a truly exciting and entertaining theatrical experience, and a tantalizing glimpse into the life and times of early 19th century America.
    According to the production’s director, Steven Lampredi, "These plays were not performed in the realistic style we associate now with theatre and film…plays of the 18th and 19th century used exaggerated situations and sentiments, similar to our modern television sitcoms, but they were based on truthful human emotions and values…We are creating a theatre experience that is gripping and entertaining, and that will give the spectator an eerie sense of ‘time travel,’ while illuminating our cultural history." Lampredi brings a lifelong passion for historical and physical theatre to Black Eyed Susan, having directed and/or performed in drama, comedy, opera, experimental theatre, commedia dell'arte and mime for the past thirty years.
    July 17, 2004 6-3/4 o'clock
    Performance will start promptly.
    Special price for reenactors: $10 Reenactors under 12 accompanied by parents- FREE
    1/2 of Proceeds will go directly to preservation effort.
    Tickets: General Public: $15, children $7.50 Family-$40, and may be purchased in advance or at the door.
    Black Eyed Susan will be presented at the event
    July 17, 2004 6-3/4 o'clock

    For more information please go to the event website at

    S. Chris Anders

    "Authenticity Glorifies the Campaign"

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    Re: New Old Theater Company at TGW

    I'm thinking of going to see this play while at the event ot will be a very nice touch and interesting to see. Do you know the location of where it will be? And can we pay at the door, or is that just for the public? Hmm...wonder if Mr. Matt Piston would want to go?? lol. Take care!
    Krystin Contant Piston


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      Re: New Old Theater Company at TGW

      Originally posted by Angel of Mercy
      Do you know the location of where it will be? And can we pay at the door, or is that just for the public?

      Check the TGW website link to the play information:

      I assume there will be more information when you arrive on site about the location of the play.

      [FONT=Comic Sans MS]Stacy Hampton[/FONT]

      Atlantic Guard Soldier Aid Society
      The Company of Military Historians


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        Re: New Old Theater Company at TGW

        Hi Stacy,
        I read the page about the play, but it didn't mention the location, I'm sure there'll be more info. I know of a few civilians who want to see it, and just wanted to give them a heads up on the location. I hope to see you there, if not have fun at the Irish festival. Take care!
        Krystin Contant Piston


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          Re: New Old Theater Company at TGW

          Krystin and Stacy,
          That is correct. I am talking the director on a tour of the site in the next week or two, and that will be determined then and posted.

          Also there will be period handbills posted at various locations on site to direct people there.

          I am looking forward to seeing the production, and if young Mr. Piston performs his duties admirably, he may be able to secure a pass to attend.


          S. Chris Anders

          "Authenticity Glorifies the Campaign"


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            Re: New Old Theater Company at TGW

            That's great, so can we pay at the door or do we send the money to someone? Well then, I pray that young Mr. Piston does what he's told to...just keep him focused, give him an incentive and he'll do it. :wink_smil
            Thank you again!
            Krystin Contant Piston


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              Re: New Old Theater Company at TGW

              You can just pay at the door....see you soon!
              S. Chris Anders

              "Authenticity Glorifies the Campaign"


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                Re: New Old Theater Company at TGW

                That works for me! thanks!
                Krystin Contant Piston


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                  Black-Eyed Susan

                  "Black Eyed Susan" is noted as being presented at several Southern theatres during the war--

                  NASHVILLE DAILY UNION, May 24, 1862, p. 2, c. 5
                  Summary: Theatre. "The Old Guard;" song; "Black Eyed Susan;" Sailor's hornpipe and song.
                  NASHVILLE DAILY UNION, June 14, 1862, p. 3, c. 5
                  Summary: Theatre. "Black-eyed Susan;" song; "King Charles II."
                  NASHVILLE DAILY UNION, July 26, 1862, p. 3, c. 4
                  Summary: Theatre. "Black-Eyed Susan; song; "Delicate Ground"
                  NASHVILLE DISPATCH, August 2, 1862, p. 3, c. 5
                  Summary: "Morning Call;" pas de deux; duett; "Black-Eyed Susan"
                  NASHVILLE DAILY UNION, November 18, 1862, p. 2, c. 6
                  Summary: Theatre. "Black-Eyed Susan;" song "Arkansas Gentleman;" "Two Bonny castles"

                  [LITTLE ROCK] NATIONAL DEMOCRAT, February 6, 1864, p. 3, c. 1
                  Amusements.—The Theatre is crowded nightly. There is quite a large stock of actors and actresses, some of whom are above the average as to merit. The management has put several melo-dramas, such as "Black-eyed Susan," "The Carpenter of Rouen," and others on the stage, in a creditable manner. The farces are well selected, and spiritedly played. Miss Kate Taylor, who sings and dances well, is a lively actress and a general favorite. Miss Nellie Watson, is very much admired, and sustains the principal characters in a very satisfactory manner.
                  The old Varieties is closed, and the building is now used as a concert hall, and the establishment called the "Melodeon." Songs, dances and a varied entertainment, are here nightly provided.

                  SAVANNAH [GA] REPUBLICAN, April 9, 1863, p. 2, c. 5

                  Thursday evening, April 9.
                  Overture to the Crown Diamonds.

                  To commence with the Farce of

                  State Secrets.

                  Southern Girl's Song Miss Laura.
                  Music By the Palmetto Band.

                  To conclude with the Melo Drama (for the last time) of

                  The Scouts; or, the Plains of Manassas.

                  Written by Prof. J. H. Hewitt, and performed in Augusta and Richmond with the greatest success.
                  In rehearsal the Nautical melo-Drama of "Black Eyed Susan."
                  Box Office open daily from 10 to 12.
                  Admission to the Dress Circle and Parquette, $1; Second Tier, 50 cents; Gallery, 25 cents. Private Boxes, $5 to $10.
                  Tickets for sale at the Hotels, Music and Book Stores.
                  Doors open at 7 ¼ o'clock; to commence at 8.

                  Vicki Betts