Esteemed members:

Your attention is directed to the announcement on the Civilian Discussions Forum regarding the tenth annual Ladies & Gentlemen of the 1860s Conference. Before you say "that's a woman's thing" or "but that's not military", please consider the following:

There are presentations on men's civilian clothing, material culture and general history by very knowledgable speakers. One of the features of the Conference is an extensive display of original clothing for men and women. Last year's display of men's clothing included 17 frock coats, 80+ vests, 3 lounging robes, several pairs of trousers, shirts, suspenders and other accessories. The 2004 Conference will feature similar displays which can be photographed. Several of the pre-conference workshops and focus sessions will be of interest to gentlemen. Want an opportunity to hand original men's clothing and learn "what this garment is saying to me?" Take one of the sessions featuring the Aurora Collection of Men's Clothing. Want to know more about vests or cravats? Take the workshops offered by Jon Isaacson. Need to learn how to dance? Workshops are available for both beginner and experienced dancers.

The conference also features pre-conference activities, including an open house and tour of Family Heirloom Weavers, and a juried vendor area.

Before the war, you were a citizen wearing "regular" clothes, with a home and a family and a job, with hobbies and opinions and friends and neighbors. Events with civilian roles and interaction between military and civilians are increasing - here's an opportunity to learn more about the 'other' side of living history.