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Perryville Scenario for Saturday

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  • Perryville Scenario for Saturday

    The finalized scenarios from the park are hot off the presses. This is Saturdays scenario. It might be tweaked a little, but this is pretty much it. I will try to get the maps loaded, which are very cool.

    Saturday Afternoon Scenario Template
    “Fight for Loomis’ Heights”
    2:00PM, Saturday October 7, 2006

    Order of Battle and Starting Positions: Union (South to North)
    “First Line”
    42nd Indiana (Lytle) 490s; 34% (Advanced, Right Flank at Creek) (*FFD, 1st Bde, AOP)

    “Main Line” (Right to Left)
    Loomis’ 1st Michigan Battery 111s; 9% (6 Parrott Rifles) (Lytle)
    (Horse Mobile Optional) (*Whoever Eric Says)

    10th Ohio (Lytle) 528s; 45% (Right Flank) (*FFD, 2nd Bde)

    88th Indiana (Lytle) 434s; 5% (*FFD, 2nd Bde)

    10th Wisconsin (Harris) 376s; 40% (*FFD, 2nd Bde)

    2nd Ohio (Harris) 460s; 24% (*Cumberland Guard, 3rd Bde)

    38th Indiana (Harris) 436s; 40% (*Cumberland Guard, 3rd Bde)

    94th Ohio (Harris) 500s; 10% (*Cumberland Guard, 3rd Bde)

    Simonson’s 5th Indiana Battery (Harris) 90s; 24% (2, 12pdr Field Howitzers; 2, 6pdr bronze; 2, 3.8” Bronze Rifles) (Horse Mobile Recommended) (*Whoever Eric Says)

    Cavalry: Edward McCook’s Brigade
    (There was no Cavalry Historically in this Scenario.)
    2nd Indiana Cavalry 600?s; 1k
    1st Kentucky Cavalry 600?s; 1k
    3rd Kentucky Cavalry 600?s; 0k
    7th Pennsylvania Cavalry (1st Battalion) 130s; 1.6%
    Other Cavalry attached to Rousseau’s Division:
    2nd Kentucky Cavalry (6 Companies) ?s; 5 Casualties

    US Cavalry starts patrolling the valley.

    Order of Battle and Starting Positions: Confederate
    (Hardee Battle Flags Please)
    Bushrod Johnson’s Brigade, Left to Right (Left Flank on Creek) (*1st Division, AOT)
    Battalions should be drawn up by the flank, right in front, and deploy into line by “By “Company into Line”, then “Forward into Line, By Company Right Half Wheel” (Historically Documented)
    17th Tennessee 200s; 12%
    23rd Tennessee (8 Companies) 201s; 26%
    5th Confederate (8 Companies) 240s; 19%
    25th Tennessee 375s; 2%
    44th Tennessee 229s; 19% (Next to Creek)
    (May be broken into more that one line depending on circumstances)
    Palmer’s Georgia Battery 125s; 10% (2, 6pdr Bronze; 2, 12pdr Field Howitzers)
    (Original Position) (Horse Mobile Required)

    Tom Jones’ Brigade, Left to Right (Behind “Jones’ Ridge) (*2nd Division, Huckabee)
    27th Mississippi 350s; 15k ?%
    30th Mississippi ?s; ?%
    34th Mississippi 300s; 50%
    Lumsden’s Alabama Battery (4, 12pdr Napoleons) 125s; 1k ?%
    (Original Position) (Horse Mobility Optional)

    John Brown’s Brigade, Left to Right (Supporting Jones) (*2nd Division, Flowers)
    1st Florida ?s; ?% (34 Casualties)
    3rd Florida 247s; 41%
    41st Mississippi 472s; 19%

    Cavalry: Joseph Wheeler’s Brigade (There was no Cavalry Historically in this Scenario.) (Placement is on right flank, near the spectators.)
    1st Alabama Cavalry 558s; 0k
    3rd Alabama Cavalry ?s; 1k
    6th Confederate Cavalry 575s; 0k
    8th Confederate Cavalry ?s; 0k
    2nd Georgia Cavalry (5 Companies) ?s; 1k
    Smith’s Georgia Cavalry Battalion ?s; 0k
    1st Kentucky Cavalry (Companies A, B, E, F, & H) ?s; 0k
    6th Kentucky Cavalry (Companies A, B, & D) ?s; 0k
    9th Tennessee Cavalry ?s; 1k
    12th Tennessee Cavalry Battalion (4 Companies) ?s; 0k

    “42nd Indiana” is relaxing with Muskets Stacked and boiling coffee. The perception is that Confederates are retreating. US cavalry is patrolling in the valley in front of the main US line. “Loomis” opens at 2:pm on CS Batteries, artillery duel ensues (The 42nd thinks this is still part of the CS retreat).
    “Jones” and “Johnson” attack, complete surprise to the 42nd and the US Cavalry. The US Cavalry retires behind the main line as the 42nd tries to hold their positions. Some of Johnson’s men will have to use the creek itself since we are denied the use of the eastern bank.
    “Jones” is nailed as they top the ridge by fire from the Federal First line. They proceed down into the valley taking heavy fire. They are forced back and routed back through “Brown’s” line and they rally behind “Brown”. The US Cavalry, seeing “Jones” routed, follows and is met by CS Cavalry who is covering “Jones’” retreat.
    “Brown” then attacks and the above action is repeated with “Brown” falling back, menaced by US Cavalry, then covered by CS Cavalry.
    On the CS right, “Johnson” pushes the “42nd” back towards the main line as “Palmer’s Battery” (Horse Mobile) moves up to its original position “Brown” (Historically one section in a hail of small arms fire, all horses and most of the gunners killed or wounded).
    “Johnson” has pushed the “42nd Indiana” back along the road and starts to press the Main Federal line’s right flank. “Loomis’” and “Simonson withdraw if possible. Once the 42nd reaches the Union main line, the intense fire forces “Johnson” back down the hill.
    Then the big push. “Jones” moves to the left oblique to take position between “Brown” and “Johnson”, making one long line, cavalry on the right, next to the crowd. The Union line should be all on the gravel road, Cavalry on the left, next to the spectators. Confederates attack the with a big push and break the line, crossing the gravel road. Any Horse-Mobile CS guns may advance and unlimber on the gravel road.
    Note: if there is not enough frontage room on the Gravel road for all the US Battalions, then they can be switched out as the battle unfolds. Simonson and Loomis Withdraw or get over-run (Depending on availability of Horse Mobility). The Federal line retreats to the west and then to the north, around the spectators.

    THanks Pards,
    Chad Greene
    Reenactor Coordinator
    Perryville 06
    Chad Greene