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Battle Of McDowell May 4-6, 2007 Highland County, VA

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    Re: Battle Of McDowell May 4-6, 2007 Highland County, VA

    Mr. Charles,
    Wasn't aiming at Mike or anyone in particular but everyone in particular. Call it the shotgun affect. If it hits something, then it done good. I wasn't referring to sham battle events, 'cause that is another hobby and not our little area. Authentic Campaigner events ought to have some element of campaign or just be called authentic garrison event, but not campaigning, 'cause as you have so wisely stated in the past, walking from the parking lot to the event sight with your knapsack or bedroll doesn't quailfy as a campaign experience.
    Tom Yearby
    Texas Ground Hornets

    "I'd rather shoot a man than a snake." Robert Stumbling Bear


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      Re: Battle Of McDowell May 4-6, 2007 Highland County, VA


      One of these days I'll get out in the field with you guys again. I never have a problem walking that walk, BECAUSE of what you said in your post.

      We can suffer for a day or two, sure. But in the end we're all just a bunch of weak sisters compared to them.


      Mike Phineas
      Arlington, TX
      (signed on with Ewing's company for Outpost/TAG II)
      Mike Phineas
      Arlington, TX
      24th Missouri Infantry
      Independent Volunteer Battalion

      "Oh, go in anywhere Colonel, go in anywhere. You'll find lovely fighting all along the line."

      -Philip Kearny


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        Re: Battle Of McDowell May 4-6, 2007 Highland County, VA

        For the record, and for what it's worth, I understand that the packaging issue on the Confederate side resulted from one or two folks being unable to show up or pitch in as planned. It seems like a small thing, but unwrapping a couple of hundred loaves of bread and repackaging coffee takes some time and effort and I suppose if there's any irritation in the responses to Mr. Sharp's post, it's because the author didn't seem to realize that, or that he might have as much a role as anyone in addressing it by simply offering to help.

        We were more fortunate on the Federal side, having Mr. Myzie and four assistants, along with an array of period supplies and equipment, to prep the food. This too can seem like a small thing, but in fact these folks have invested considerable time researching their jobs and gaining experience at other events. As it was, we needed additional help in cutting up the beef, and were fortunate to have someone skilled who could be detailed to that task.

        Overall this investment could have the downside of making our headquarters seem large for the forces involved. But I think this was outweighed by the staff's actual accomplishment, and by the fact that we now have even more experience to contribute to future events.

        The whole realm of event support in a period manner seems to be attracting more and more attention. Maybe it's just that some of us see our days as combat infantry to a large extent passed, but I think there's also a certain attraction in getting beyond the powder to see how the war was fought in a larger sense. Battles are exciting, but they could only happen because of the work of clerks and commissaries.

        As Higginson said, "Courage is, no doubt, a good quality in a soldier, and luckily not often wanting; but, in the long run, courage depends largely on the haversack."
        Michael A. Schaffner


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          Re: Battle Of McDowell May 4-6, 2007 Highland County, VA


          Well stated and having more people get involved in the prep work will help things run smother. Hopefully when people important people can't make a certain event and we will have others ti fill in with out any major problems.
          [FONT=Courier New]Mark Maranto[/FONT]


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            Battle Of McDowell photography is now online...

            We'd like to inform everyone that our selection of photography from the 2007 McDowell program is finally online.
            There are well over 400 photographs of the biennial event sponsored by this beautiful Shennandoah Valley community every two years.
            To access the photography, simply log onto the following:, and then scroll down to the gallery called "7McDowell."
            Currently, we have over 50 photo galleries on display at our website. They illustrate such a varied wealth of topics as air shows, weddings, models, American Civil War and French and Indian War reenactments, etc. etc. etc., so feel free to meander as your fancy dictates. It won't cost you anything to enjoy the sights at one or more galleries.
            There is something very, very special about the 2007 McDowell photo gallery: we are offering both event participants and spectators the opportunity to purchase a limited edition Event Photo CD of the entire collection you will see on display in the Internet, for $30 per disk, with a $5 shipping and handling fee whether you order one or more copies.
            The only "catch" is that you will have to place your order within the confines of a very specific deadline: the next 90 days, on or before August 31, 2007.
            After that, the 2007 McDowell collection will not be available for purchase, as we expect to be busy with other projects.
            We guarantee you that the 2007 McDowell Photo CD will give you the most comprehensive view of the event anyone has. We feel confident that this CD is the most thorough and complete historical collection of this very important event.
            Zangroniz Photography will donate part of each and every sale to the Highland County Historical Society for the continuing preservation and interpretation of the battlesite and museum.
            We are proud to do so, and we are deeply indebted to every participant and every spectator for their support, both during the event and afterwards.
            We remind you that our work comes with a full, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Either you love what you get from us, or we return all your money upon return of any unwanted merchandize. No questions asked.
            This purchase will place you in a highly select group, as this is the very first time that this offer is available to an event of this magnitude.
            If you would like to consider Zangroniz Photography to record your event, please contact us at: and we will be happy to discuss it with you.
            We thank each of you, once again, for your support and encouragement, which we hope will continue to give us the means to carry on work that we hope will be historically meaningful to future generations of Americans.
            We thank you. God bless our country.
            Julio C. Zangroniz