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Super Museum Sunday Fort Screven, Georgia...

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  • Super Museum Sunday Fort Screven, Georgia...

    Evening gents,

    I know this is all a little short notice but, on February 11th, 2007 all over the State of Georgia will be Super Museum Sunday. As of 12 p.m. on that Sunday all museums are open to the viewing public for free.

    Able Co., U.S. 30th Infantry Regiment, U.S. 3rd Infantry Division(Reenacted) is hosting this event for both the Civil War, World War I and II genres. This event is free to all members of those three genres for free there are modern amenities to stay and eat at on the island and nearby islands. For Civil War we are looking for both Cornfed and Fed impressions and GI impressions for the other two genres.

    Fort Screven is an 1898 Endicott period battery located on the North end of Tybee Island. It is approximately 1-1 1/2 miles straight away from Fort Pulaski on Cockspur Island. Theysite has been used since the Revolutionary War but, the later periods are more prominent and are what they are focusing on. The Civil War genre will be based around the lighthouse area as the Tybee Island Lighthouse has fully restored the Confederate Barracks that was located there in mid-1861-early 1862 before they were burnt by the retreating Confederates. The Federals will be a short distance away in an open field across from the lighthouse itself. The WWI and WWII genres will be nearby aswell and portraying MPs at the front gate early in the day of events.

    We the members of Able Co., 30th Infantry will be setting up for the event the day before and any and all living historians are welcome to arrive on Saturday evening aswell.

    If you are interested in attending please e-mail me at or pm me here either will work to let me know what genre you'll be coming as and or if any others will be coming along aswell so we can get a head count... For those WWI and WWII reenactors among us we'd love to have you come down and join in with us and have fun aswell....I'll need the names of everyone in by the middle of next week to let them know who all is coming...

    How to get there- 1-95 North or South to I-16 East into the City of Savannah; You can take either Liberty or Ogletorpe St. east through the city to East Broad St.; Hang a left up East Broad St. and then a right onto the President St. Ext. or Island Expressway to Tybee Island; Once on Tybee Island come to the first light and hang a left and you'll come to a "T" intersection; hang a left; go up to the first street on the right and hang a right straight back to t he lighthouse; Once you make that left turn down the street at the first light on Tybee there will be small signs directing you to the lighthouse along the way aswell(they are small so you'll have to look closely for them.)

    Thank you for your time,

    Sgt. James Dunigan III
    Able Co., U.S. 30th Infantry Regiment
    U.S. 3rd Infantry Division(Reenacted)
    1st Company, Co., "C" 1st Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiment
    "Savannah RepublicanBlues"
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    James F. Dunigan III
    1st Company, Co. "C" 1st Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiment
    "Savannah Republican Blues"[/center]