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NPS Living History at the Crater

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  • NPS Living History at the Crater

    Enemy at the Gates- Mahone's Counterattack

    You are invited to participate in this excellent program.

    Event Date: July 28 & 29, 2007

    Sponsors: Petersburg National Military Park & Princess Anne Grey’s (Lee’s Sharpshooters), CVG.

    Event site: Crater Site Petersburg NPS. Needless to say, this is hallowed ground. We expect the land to be treated accordingly with respect. All company& battalion evolutions will be conducted in the large open fields on site.

    Contact Person: Mike Hendricks: or 757.340.2657
    *Event Coordinator
    Jim Faulkner: or 757.583.0264
    *Logistical Coordinator

    Event Information: We will be representing men of Major General A.P. Hill’s 3rd. Corps in the Summer of 1864; when the ANV was looked in a deadly siege with the Army of the Potomac. We will be representing men from Lt. Colonel Everard M. Field’s Battalion of Sharpshooters; from Weisiger Brigade [Mahone’s Old Brigade]. The Sharpshooters would play a vital role in protecting the right flank of Weisiger’s Brigade during the counterattack on the Crater. These hand picked men from the best of the Southern Troops where note for their military bearing, marksmanship, skirmishing and scouting abilities; they where the “Shock Troops” of the Army of Northern Virginia. This packet contains basic event information, rules, regulations, and registration material. While we hope this information will prepare you for this event, we understand that it may not answer all questions and concerns. In such case, please remember that we are as close as a phone call or an e-mail away. We will be more then happy to assist you

    Program Demonstrations: To provide the finest quality of living history for the Public. Present the life of the Virginia Soldier in Lt. Colonel Field’s Sharpshooter Battalion. We will present the rigorous training that the men of the sharpshooter battalions went through to become a sharpshooter. We will demonstrate how they where taught to judge distance, marksmanship, and evolutions of skirmish formations that where used by the sharpshooter battalions. This will be accomplished by providing demonstrations of camp life, presentation on uniforms, weapons, types of concealment used by the sharpshooters, infantry tactics, and skirmish evolutions with weapon firings, bayonet drill, ration issue, cooking demos, and music. We will provide the public with a better understanding of Civil War battlefield tactics and the roll Southern Sharpshooter on the battlefield.

    For more information you can go to and look under the events section.

    I hope to see you there,

    S. Chris Anders

    "Authenticity Glorifies the Campaign"

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    Re: NPS Living History at the Crater

    Well... it would be a new battlefield to sleep on.
    Peter Julius
    North State Rifles

    "North Carolina - a vale of humility between two mountains of conceit." Unknown author