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Gettysburg March - 30 Jun 07

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  • Gettysburg March - 30 Jun 07

    Does anyone know about this Gettysburg March (June 30th 2007) or the sponsor for this march, I seen a post and schedule at some point and cannot find any information regarding the march. It may be through a specific unit and I seen it scheduled on that units website.

    I am planning on attending Gettysburg this year and wanted to do little forced march prior to the event. Anyone interested in joining for this please contact me.
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    Re: Gettysburg March June 30th looking for info

    If you're referring to the Hardtack Society program, commemorating the 137th NY, send me an e-mail at

    It won't be as treacherous as the 15th Alabama or 1st Texas programs of previous years.
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